Railroad Frog Game Answer Page


Did you have fun? I hope so. Many ask if I create the games after drinking three cups of coffee because the answers are so wacky. Nope, that's normal me. You don't want me drinking three cups of coffee!

The correct answer was: 3 frogs

Here's what one looks like:

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 6.35.05 AM

I was looking for the railroad track frogs that are all important at switches. Without these, the cars would derail. You can see the locations in the photo below.

rr frog answer

The RED arrows are pointing to them. One was hidden by the elevated water tank. But you KNEW there had to be one because you can see the two tracks to the left of the water tank and only one to the right. That means a switch has to be there. Every switch has a frog.

More fun games soon! Thanks for playing! I hope you win the Stain Solver!