Facebook Use Survey by AsktheBuilder.com

This survey should not take you but a few minutes - if that.

Please answer honestly and I hope you appreciate the humor I've tried to bake into the answers.

Remember, FIVE people will each win one small sample bottle of Stain Solver.

Good luck to you!



Email Address:

Do you live in the USA? Yes


I'm an outer space alien with an expired visa.

Do you have a Facebook Account? Yes


Mark Zuckerberg can kiss my (word deleted - feel free to insert: lips, baby, ground, tarmac, "cheek", etc.)

If I asked you to visit a Facebook page for a company with good products and asked you to LIKE it, would you do that? Yes


Maybe - depends if I really LIKE the product

Possibly - assuming you would not summon all your NH wizard friends to cast a hex on me if I didn't like it

If you use Facebook, tell me why you go there? CHECK all that APPLY. I love posting selfie photos, don't you?

to see what my friends are doing

to discover new products

to be part of a group or cause

to lurk to see what my friends or enemies are doing

to be sold something - I love talking to insurance salesmen in bars

FINAL QUESTION: Do you like some of my humorous answer choices in my Q and A survey forms? YES YES! You should be on Comedy Central

Yes - but some are pretty lame

Do you know what this means? :-/

Tim, you're not funny at all - seriously

Your answers are devoid of all humor - STOP TRYING