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I happen to be a power user of Kontera. You may ask, "What's that?"

Kontera is a company that delivers text-based contextual ads on content websites like AsktheBuilder.com. These ads can even be seen on many of the pages of my website. They're the linked text with the double underlines.

These ads work in conjunction with my content to solve the problems that my visitors have. When someone visits my AsktheBuilder.com website, they're often in pain. There's a problem at their home, condo or apartment, and that visitor at that time needs a product or service to solve their leaking roof, clogged toilet, cracked foundation, etc. Kontera ads help take the pain away from my visitors.

As an Internet publisher, I love the sophisticated technology that Kontera offers to me. Not only can I control how many words are linked on each of my pages, I can also closely target the ads so they are highly relevant and helpful to my visitors.

Another benefit to Kontera is that it's not cannibalized any of my other ad revenue. That's important to me. I'm growing my bottom line using Kontera. And it was as simple as adding a small line of code to each of the pages of my website.

Finally, the team members at Kontera have been a pleasure to work with. I've had a relationship with them for over three years and every person I've worked with has been responsive, respectful and professional.

Based on what I've said, you might be inclined to think I own stock in Kontera. Truth be told - I don't, but I sure wish I did!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com


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