2014 AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt Day One

The 2014 AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt has concluded.
You can still play, but it's now past the deadline for winning prizes.

Play the AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt, have Fun and maybe Win Prizes!

It's easy.

Step One: Look at the center of this image.

treasure_snippet_test (1)

Step Two: Click the three links. Find the page where you see the large photograph that contains the small image in the center above.

Mystic Key

Winnisquam Island

Booming Bird Island


Step Three: Answer the questions below in the form and click Submit Form. You're done!


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Let's assume you saw the correct photo. What color was the door in the photo? Boston brown

Winter Snow white

Pretty pink

Goulash green

What was the center of the door made with? Metallica Posters

Tie Dye sheets

Clear Glass Panes

Trout fishing lures

You visited an Orange Island that had power tools. How many speeds in the all-metal gearbox? Three on the tree like my Ford F-100

Four Speeds like Tom Y's Olds 442

Five Speed - Love cruisin' in 5th

16 Speeds - Peterbuilt all the way!

When you were at the Yellow and Black island, you saw a bag in the upper left corner. What was the primary color of the bag? Red - the color of your nostrils when mad

Purple - matches bruises from cage fighting

Blue - color of your eyes, Tim!

Green - what grass looks like under the 3 FEET of snow here in NH

Tell me in ONE SENTENCE how much FUN you're having on the Treasure Hunt. THANKS! You don't have to answer this, but I'd REALLY appreciate it if you would.

Tim, I've read the Official Treasure Hunt Rules and AGREE to them. You may beat me with a wet noodle if I disobey them. This is a REQUIRED question. Click the box.


Click here to play Treasure Hunt Day Two!

Be sure to contact these sponsors and thank them!

Be sure to contact these sponsors and thank them!