2014 Treasure Hunt Day One Comments

The 2014 AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt has concluded.
You can still play, but it's now past the deadline for winning prizes.

How much fun is it to play the AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt?

How many people play?

The answer to BOTH question is simple: LOTS

Wait till you see what Pat O'Malley said. I sure hope he doesn't get fired!

It's not too late to play. CLICK HERE to play Day One of the AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt!

If you don't play after reading these, you must be a zombie!

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Audra Woerner - “This is actually a very neat marketing idea to get people engaged with not only your website but also the websites of your sponsors.”

Susann - “After the crappy day I have had (found some termites on my roof), this is a party. Thank You!”

Ken Elve - “Awesome learning about new products!”

Lee Wheeler - "Clever advertising program. . .Waaay more fun than commercials."

Stacy Erickson - "This qualifies as fun brain training for contractors!"

Sarah Perl - “It was easy and fun to treasure hunt on these sites!

Ronald Becker - "Beats Farmville hands down."

Darlene McClenney - “Loved the picture of the door!”

Mary Lawrence - “I'm certainly seeing a lot of stuff and I could sure use that drill.”

Linda Dutton - “Island hopping is mystical and addicting fun.”

Phil Mizzi - “Hey I had so much fun I felt like a kid looking at a magic picture and trying to find something.”

Carol Wirth - “What a blast!”

Agnes Vinton - “So much (fun), I don't know how I can contain the excitement for three weeks!”

Barbara Sutherlin - “A lot of fun, that door was beautiful.”

Joel Milot - “Fun way to learn about new products, off to check out that hanging door again.”

Jeff Lewis - “This is actually fun, like a puzzle, and an interesting way to look at ads.”

Jan Zange - “It's fun like a memory game, and at my age these can be a challenge!”

Jim Mistiatis - "I'm having more fun than a witch in a broom factory!"

Marj Oleske - “It took a while to figure out what I was looking for, nice tools.”

David Zirkle - “This is fun way to learn about new and existing products/services while earning an opportunity to win some cool prizes!”

Gerald Harris - “This is really fun, like a video game.”

Ward Rice - “It is fun to learn about new products from sites I might not visit normally.”

Judy - “I can participate in the Treasure Hunt in my PJs on the couch!”

Aaron Holum - “Love me some German engineering. Thanks for the intro to Fein tools!”

Sandra Thompson - “Lots of fun, and thanks to this, I have access to more building info.”

John Roberts - “Yea! distraction from work…”

David Tapley - “This is more fun than when I planted poison ivy in ol' Miss Pumphandle's planters in my 6th grade classroom!”

Gary Clark - “I'm enjoying learning about new products.”

PJ Goldfeder - “Makes you really pay attention to the products!!! Fun !”

Gregory Poland - “Tim, I am having more fun than when the pigs chased my little brother.”

Cheryl Torrey - “Love puzzles, treasure hunts and games! This is fun!”

Erik Albers - “This Treasure is tremendously fun because it forces a person to focus more on the items.”

Ron Thorne - “Playing Treasure Hunt sure beats working on last year's tax return!”

Bryan Bishop - “First time I have done this and it was fun.”

Les Getz - “This is great, I especially liked the "Projects" tab at the Sakrete page.”

Ryan Gretlein - “Hunting Tim's Treasure is more fun than sleeping, which is what I should be doing right now.”

Alex McInnes - “This is my first (Treasure Hunt) Tim, really cool fun!”

Lorrita Paulson - “This is my first Treasure Hunt, thanks for sharing this fun game.”

Pat O’Malley - “I had so much fun checking out the three vendors that I completely forgot I had a 5 PM conference call. Oops!”