2014 Treasure Hunt Grand Prize Finalists



The final vote results were


LYNN 293
ART 221


April 1, 2014:

Congratulations to Lynn! I'll be in contact with Lynn shortly to arrange a convenient time for my site visit to her home.

Three judges, Mike, Terry and Ward, selected the three finalists. I doubt the judges realized what could happen if the voting ended up as it did.

Since Lynn is within driving distance, I'm doing a road trip.

To get to Lynn's house I have to drive through New Jersey.

Stewart lives but seven miles from my home by boat, bird or snowmobile.

As the votes were coming in, the judges suggested that if Lynn were to win they hoped I might stop by Art's house for an hour or two as I drove back to NH.

They, then requested if I do that, would it be possible to have breakfast with Art and then stop by his house as I drove home.

Guess what? That's what's going to happen! It must have been fate!

Lynn will get most of my time since she's the Grand Prize winner, but I'm going to visit with Art and Stewart too.

Hopefully all will allow me to tape video so you can benefit from the tips I'll be giving all three of them.

CONGRATULATIONS to you for playing and to the three finalists, Art, Lynn and Stewart!

tim signature 100h

Below are the three 2014 Treasure Hunt Grand Prize Finalists as announced in the March 26, 2014 Newsletter.

You get to pick who is the WINNER of the Grand Prize. I will visit the home of the winner for a full day and advise them on how to make all the repairs and consult on any planning issues.

It's possible I may even help do one or two small jobs - but that depends on who is the winner, what the weather is and how much time we have.

I want to thank the three judges, Michael, Terry and Ward, who worked very hard to come up with this list. Thanks so very much!

The three finalists are listed alphabetically by first name only. Next to their names you'll see their essay, photos and/or videos.

Note not everyone submitted all three photos and a video.

It's now your job to:

  • Read each entry and look at the photos and video
  • Think hard about which of the finalists is most deserving of the Grand Prize
  • SHARE this page URL on Facebook, Twitter, with everyone on your private email list and get as many to vote as possible
  • Vote only ONCE - all duplicate votes will be discarded
  • Voting ends at midnight ET March 31, 2014. HURRY and vote!


ART Tim, if you could come to our home it would be an incredible opportunity for me to learn from your decades of on the job experience with regard to virtually every trade. Long story short, we sold our home in Morris Township and moved to Lavallette, NJ on October 25, 2012.

Two days later, Governor Chris Christie said, “Get out of town.” Two days after that, Sandy came to town…not Sandy Becker, not Sandy Koufax and not Bruce Springsteen’s Sandy, but Super Storm Sandy. Whether you think Sandy is a he or she (or both), that ruthless bastard and/or bitch left thousands homeless.

We consider ourselves lucky. No one was hurt. 4 1/2 feet of water came in uninvited and didn't know when to leave. I'm hoping you can help with some of our remaining home improvements challenges; even if it’s just pointing us in the right direction.

 Margiotta100_5948 washer dryer thrown around like dice
 Margiotta100_5997 waterline on window
 Margiotta100_6098 roofing blown off
LYNN I'm a SAHM of a Special Needs with Sensory issues 8 yr old son, which limits my $$ as I have been unable to work outside the home currently. After growing up & living in Fairfax County, VA and living through the sight of both the DC Sniper shootings and the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, my Family and I found our Dream home in Historic Mount Airy, MD.

It was built in 1924 and was twice a foreclosure and once condemned. We saw the vision of what this house once was and what it could be again. Last year, our basement flooded due to a faulty water meter and those repairs took all our savings. We are now faced with a remodel of the upstairs bath (shower was removed for duct-work previously) and a quiet area for our young son.

We have limited money and limited skills though! We also discovered this week, damage to the exterior cinder-block foundation and fencing due to the harsh winter snowfall and excessive winds. Those are now on our to do list and could use help and advice. I saw LOTS of products during the Treasure Hunt that would be perfect and even gave me MORE ideas! Cement and pocket doors especially 🙂

STEWART Here it is in a YouTube video, short and simple, in plain English, hopefully without a lot of funny words 🙂 So, come to my house Tim, it's a nice short trip around a beautiful lake with the funny name. Be sure to stop at Kitchen Cravings for a great breakfast or lunch!
This video is no longer available.


Voting has closed at Midnight ET, March 31, 2014. The Winner is shown at the top of the page.