AsktheBuilder 2014 Treasure Hunt Grand Prize Entry Form

The 2014 AsktheBuilder Treasure Hunt has concluded.
You can still play, but it's now past the deadline for winning prizes.

Use this form to enter to be the Grand Prize Winner. Your name, email address, street address and phone number are required, so I can contact you if you are the Grand Prize Winner.

Three judges are going to select THREE Grand Prize finalists. Your entry needs to WOW! the judges. Check these sample entries - which one would wow the judges!

If you're one of the finalists, then your entry must really WOW the people voting.

Your entry, should you be one of the three finalists, WILL BE PUBLISHED on a webpage at so people can see your entry and VOTE on it.

That page will look VERY SIMILAR to this SAMPLE PAGE. Please look at it and notice how the three SAMPLE entries are very different. Think about which one you'd vote for.

Tips and Suggestions to enhance your chances of winning the Grand Prize:

  1. Tell the world in 150 words or less WHY you need me to come to your home to give you advice. Be creative.

  2. List the projects you need help with. They can range from a room addition, kitchen remodel, bath remodel, deck, patio, etc. Just list everything you'd love to fix or build. Remember, I'm going to come for an entire day and I can look at many things.

  3. Do you have SMALL projects that may just take 15-30 minutes to fix? List those. It's entirely possible I *may* help you fix these things while I'm there at your home.

  4. Photos and a video are NOT REQUIRED. However, realize the small amount of effort to produce these will increase your chances as the judges work through the entries to produce the three finalists. If you're one of the three finalists, everyone voting will be drawn to photos and a video. That's just common sense.

Remember, go look at the SAMPLE PAGE to see how it makes a real difference to have photos and a possible video.

Click here to read the 2014 Treasure Hunt Rules.


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