Basement Systems May 2014 Contest

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Welcome to the Basement Systems Contest!


STEP ONE: Look at the small image just below. You will need to find the full-size photo this was taken from at one of the three links in Step Two.



EASIER CLUE LINK - Click Here if you want to see a larger image to make it easier for you.

STEP TWO: Click all three links below. Study the photos and text for clues!

Solutions to Soggy Subterranean Spaces

Babies Crawl - Stay Dry When You Crawl Too

Transform a Wet Basement Into a Dry Oasis


STEP THREE: Answer the questions below, click the Dry Out My Basement button and cross your fingers that you may be a winner of one of the prizes!

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You need to tell me which of the three links had the full photo from which the tiny snippet photo was cut from. Was it:
The Land of Soggy Spaces
Where Babies Dare to Go in Diapers
An Oasis Where You Hopefully Won't Have a Camel Next to Your Recliner
Planet of the Wet Basement Zombies

One of the links above had a page about special tiles. These are NOT ceramic tile. What kind of tiles could you get for your home from Basement Systems?
Tiles that work for the unfinished basement
Tiles that are perfect for a finished basement
Tiles covered with magic ThermalDryTM carpet that comes in five awesome colors
All of the above
Tim, I want an ice cream sandwich!

You visited a page at Basement Systems that talks about crawl spaces. Most people think they're creepy places and hate them. Is fiberglass insulation the BEST product to use in a crawlspace?
Tim, I think fiberglass should just be used on boats and paddleboards
Tim, get a fiberglass fishing pole to hang your ham radio antenna on
Hello Tim! Fiberglass is a poor choice for crawlspaces because it can attract moisture and fall out of place
Fiberglass is a great snack eaten by toads that try to ruin your life and eat all your steak.

Do you think you know about Basement Finishing? Well smarty pants tell me, if you had Everlast Wall Panels in your basement what would you have to do if your basement ever flooded.
I'd have to order a root beer soda
I'd have to consume three cheese coneys with no mustard and heavy onion
I'd just have to wipe down my handsome textured cement panels with soapy water.
I'd summon the local wizards and cast a protective spell on my basement and all who are part of my alliance.

Tim, I want to know more about how Basement Systems can get my basement and/or crawlspace DRY. I'm going to click the YES below and I'm going to CLICK HERE TOO so I can get a FREE estimate. Thanks Tim!
YES, I want a DRY Basement
YES, I want my Crawlspace nice enough for a picnic
YES, I want my Foundation Cracks Fixed
YES, I want a great Finished Basement