Fein Multimaster Game

Welcome to the Fein Multimaster game!

You can still play the game, but you've missed the deadline to win prizes.
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Step One:


The Must-Have Multimaster Tool

Remove Grout in Seconds Not DAYS!

Every Accessory You Could Dream Of

Advanced German Technology - CLICK the Red Dots!


FeinMMGroutStep Two:

Find the photo in the above pages

where I clipped this photo snippet:




Is that small snippet too hard?

Click here for an easier clue.


Step Three:

Answer the FUNNY questions below and click "Submit Form".


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First Prize: New Fein Multimaster Tool!

Second Prize: $50 COLD CASH

Third Prize: Veto ProPack MC Tool Bag


Email Address:
When you discovered the page that has the photo snippet, you saw an odd non-circular accessory that's used to do what to grout? colorize it
de-cootify it
clean it
include it in lyrics to a C&W hit song
One of the links took you to a page where the Multimaster tool was covered in red dots. Clicking one of the dots told you about vibration reduction. How much has the vibration been reduced in the NEW Fein Multimaster? 45.67%
an amazing 50%!
Tim, you're a DOLT - I don't mind answering this wrong because it feels good.
One of the pages you visited had lots of accessories that fit the Fein Multimaster tool. One of them was white and has two words to its name. One of the words is a synonym for: flying away
boast ruefully
One of the pages you visited talked about noise pollution. Many multitools make LOTS of noise. The new Fein Multimaster is how much quieter? 15.9648%
Help me. Tell me in a simple sentence what you loved most about the Fein Multimaster tool. Magic may happen and you may win it! This is NOT REQUIRED, but just tell me.