Oxygen bleach was used to remove the algae from the decking boards on the right. Photo Credit: Tim Carter

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  1. I read the article in the WashPost. I use a product called "Wet it and Forget It". You need time for it to work; but here is no scrubbing necessary. I forget what I paid for it; but it's concentrated so it goes very far.

    • Don,

      Congrats on that. But I've tried all those products that say no scrubbing is necessary and they just don't work. You must always mechanically agitate something to get it clean. If what you say is true, then just pouring soapy water on your car would make it clean. We all know it doesn't. Just putting your dirty clothes in a sink with soapy water doesn't work either. You have to rub and scrub things to make them clean.

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