LE Johnson Spring 2016 Wall Mount Game

Welcome to the LE Johnson Spring 2016 Wall Mount Door game!  This was teased in the April 3, 2016 Newsletter.Soft Close 300


HO HO HO! You'll LOVE this Doa'

High School Geometry Class Door - Memories!

A Door Made for My Blue Eyes!

Toddler Payton's Palace Secret Entrance! MUST SEE!!!

Simple and Easy DIY Wall Mount Door Tips!


Step Two: Find the photo in the above pages where I clipped this photo snippet:

Screen shot 2016-04-03 at 7.58.26 AM


Is that too tough for you? If so, CLICK HERE for the easier photo snippet.

Step Three: Answer the funny questions below.

Read the Official Game Rules for a good laugh.

Email Address:
Street Address - I NEED it in case you win a secret prize.
Type your City. Remember, the possible prize???
Type in your State. I don't have ESP.
Type in your simple USA Zip Postal Code or the Cryptic Canadian Code.
On the page where the tiny photo snippet was clipped from how many raised panels are in the door? 5 plus your face
2 small ones and four bigger ones like your ego Tim
the panels are flat you dork
what are raised panels?
At the very end of the install video someone makes a brief cameo appearance in the video. Who is it? Kathy - She Who MUST Be Obeyed
Tristan - My excellent video director
Stubbs the cat
Kelly's shadow - my youngest daughter
Lady the Dumb Dog
Nala - the fierce cat
One page you were at had four photos. In one of the photos there's an animal on a shelf. What kind of animal is it? a lizard
a parrot
a horse
a fish
an elephant
One of the pages you visited was the secret room of a princess. In her room is a magic carpet. What animal is honored in that carpet? a kitten
a pony
a unicorn
a duck
a baby seal
One page you looked at had four photos. This room had an odd ceiling. Why didn't the door touch tightly against the wall? The owner didn't pay their real estate taxes on time
The husband failed to buy his wife a box of dark chocolate from Aglamesis
The owner decided she / he didn't want a notch put in the bottom of the door or a gap in the baseboard
The homeowners association where the house is located is run by a bunch of quacks who feel like they should tell you how to live your life on your land
Do me a HUGE FAVOR. Tell me in one sentence what you liked most about the very cool LE Johnson Sliding Wall Mount Doors - Think about what you saw in the install video in case you want to install them