Santa Fe Dehumidifier Game 2015

Welcome to the Santa Fe Dehumidifier game! This was introduced in the October 27, 2015 Newsletter. Santa Fe Dehumidifier


Eeny Meeny Miney Mo - Where Does Moisture Come From?

Size Matters! You MUST Have the Right Size Dehumidifier!

155 Pints Per Day, 155 Pints If One of the Pints Falls from ..... 154 Pints

Get Protected - Your Home is VALUABLE - Don't Allow Water to RUIN It.

Advance to Go and Get Rid of Damaging WATER VAPOR!


Step Two: Find the photo in the above pages where I clipped this photo snippet:

Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 3.20.02 PM



Is that too tough for you? If so, CLICK HERE for the easier photo snippet.


Step Three: Answer the funny questions below and click the Submit Form button.

Read the Official Game Rules for a good laugh.

Ten Prizes to random winners:

Each winner will get a deluxe 0.4-pound bottle of the Certified organic Stain Solver multi-cleaner.

Email Address:
In case you're a WINNER, I need your mailing address. Put your STREET ADDRESS here.
What state or province are you in?
What's your zip or postal code? Canadians, enter your weird one.
The page where the tiny photo snippet was taken from also had a photo of a flying dinosaur eating a cheese coney
the submarine race in progress at Lake Winnipesaukee
boy blowing nose - ICK!
a bus full of nuns holding babies
One of the pages you visited, you had to think about the correct size of a dehumidifier. What's the maximum number of gallons per day of water a Santa Fe machine can do? Trick question!!! 8 pints to a gallon. 155
96 Tears
2 gallons plus three five-gallon buckets
One of the pages you visited talked about WHERE water comes from. This is an IMPORTANT page. Do dehumidifiers remove water that originates in your lungs? No Tim - there's no way that's possible
Tim, you need INTENSIVE therapy.
Maybe - if you gargle water from Lake Bakal
Yes Tim - For goodness sake the human body is mostly water and what do you think it is that fogs a mirror? Fairy frost?
The Santa Fe Advance2 Dehumidifier is made to handle what sized house? My guess is it's PERFECT for your home. Tim, I live in a cardboard box you dolt
I'd say 4,000 sq ft
I'd ponder 2,200 sq ft
I'd surmise 3,150 sq ft
I'd guess 316,800 sq inches
What was the MOST IMPRESSIVE thing you discovered about Santa Fe Dehumidifiers? This is NOT required, but I'd sure appreciate you telling me. THANKS!