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Smart Control Gas Can

smart control gas can

The new Smart Control gas cans come it three sizes. You can also get them for diesel or kerosene. Copyright 2018 Scepter Company

Smart Control Gas Can - Easy to Use

The Smart Control gas can is a dream to use. I had no issues unscrewing the spout as it was easy to press in the safety lock.

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How Much Gas Comes Out?

You can control the flow of gasoline using a simple paddle lever. When fully depressed, gas flows out fast saving you time.

Is the Handle Design Ergonomic?

Yes, the handle is curved meaning your wrist is not strained when you tilt the can to drain it.



4 Responses to Smart Control Gas Can

  1. Tim,

    How good is the connection of the spout to the gas can? Does this connection leak when the gas can is tilted to pour gas out of it? On a typical plastic (HDPE) gas can (purchased at Walmart), the threads are so "coarse", that this connection always leaks no matter how tightly I tighten the spout.

  2. How hard is it to use this gas can to put gas in a car or truck? Most cans today are made for filling lawn mowers and not cars. If you want a great gas can go back in time 50 years ago when the best gas cans on earth were made.

    We don't need new solutions for an already perfect can, we need to stop the ridiculous government overreach and bring back simplicity.

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