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2014 Treasure Hunt Secondary Prize Winners

It was a lot of work, but all the results have been tabulated.

There were 16,545 correct answers submitted to all of the questions asked on the five days of the Treasure Hunt.

The more days you played and answered correctly, the more times your name was in the above list.

Each of your correct answers represented one of the 16,545. 

That means you had more chances to win. It's like buying multiple raffle tickets at a church festival or buying multiple lottery tickets. This is why it was important for you to PLAY EVERYDAY.

Once I created the master spreadsheet with all the correct answers and the names of the players who submitted them, I went to random.org and used their tool to generate 40 different random numbers between 1 and 16,545.

Those 40 winners will now be matched up randomly with the assortment of 40 prizes I have!

Are you one of the lucky winners below? If so, contact me with your shipping address so I can send your prize!

Congratulations and thanks for playing the AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt!


Keith Landry


Aaron Gottsch


Harold Zetomer


Len Taylor


Ken Ledford


Dustin Gebhardt


Richard Bowermaster


Shaun Thaler


Gerald Brydon


Anthony Digricoli


Jaye Faulkner


Peaches Larro


Reata Campbell


Charlene Syliva


David Price


Mike Hart


Ann Chiampa


Bill Burgess


JoAnn Williams


Judy Wasilewski


David Zirkle


Roy Elie


John King


Richard Sherlock


Loren Scott


Paul Johnson


Gregory Olson


Don Arrowsmith


Ivan Fisic


Patty Clawson


Russ Wade


Marty Rowe


Brian Bogdanovich


David Withnell


Tom Kelly


Bill Campbell


Dzeraldas Jakaitis


Jim Yost


Jim Mistiatis


Joe Romano


2 Responses to 2014 Treasure Hunt Secondary Prize Winners

  1. Tim:
    This was my first year participating in your Treasure Hunt. Had a lot of fun, saw some great products, and got a lot of new ideas. (BTW, my wife’s cursin’ your name right about now...) I don't want to sound critical, but I'd like to offer a constructive suggestion for next year.
    I understand how you selected the 40 winners, i.e., the more correct answers you had, the more chances to win one of the 40 prizes. However, there is no advantage given based on the total number of correct answers given versus wrong answers.
    For example, if there are five answers each day, and the Hunt runs five days, there would be a maximum 25 correct answers. Thus, the contestant who scored all 25 correct would have better odds of winning a prize than someone who only answered 10 questions correctly.
    Under this system, there is no advantage for anyone scoring well versus poorly. In the example above, the person scoring poorly, less than 50% correct, can still win the same prize as someone scoring a perfect score (100%). Since I imagine there were far fewer contestants scoring 100% than there were scoring, say, 50%, there doesn’t seem to be much reward for doing well.
    Perhaps next year you might consider a tiered prize structure wherein prizes would be randomly awarded based on scoring categories. For example, one really nice price randomly selected among only those contestants scoring perfect scores, or over 90%, etc., 10 2nd prizes to those scoring 75-90%, etc.
    Don’t mean to cause you headaches, just thought it might make things more interesting.
    Great job with the Hunt, and thanks for listening.

    • No one scored 100% each day. To do it your way would be a nightmare. The way I did it, each correct answer is just like buying a raffle ticket at a festival. Everyone has the same odds. Your way, only people would answer who were POSITIVE they had the right answer. No problem. Keep the suggestions rolling in.

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