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The magic is happening.  Orders are pouring in through Amazon for the Concrete epoxy items.  Thank you again for a great video demo.


Scott C. Long - Vice President - Protective Coating Co.

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"I personally like all you do. Your game on the LE Johnson Hardware prompted me to order two of their kits and I put two bathroom doors on the outside walls in one day. Both bathrooms are now twice as big with no door protruding into the room. Your recommendation of LE Johnson had me on the Johnson website ordering as soon as I closed your e-mail. This is what your site and newsletter is about to me - to show me something I can do to make my home better and then show me the best products for that job. And by the way, those two kits cost under $100 for both."
Jeff Dallara
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I've worked with The New York Times, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, The Flint Journal, Discovery Channel Kids, Discovery Channel Yearly Science Book, Giza Pyramid Research Association plus several others and never had this kind of response. Tim the Builder Guy is popular. Your newsletter subscribers really listen to you and react!"

- Wally Wallingford - The Forgotten Technology

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John Poferl - Exponent PR

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