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February 2, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter Treasure Hunt Game

Today is the biggest event of the year for AsktheBuilder.com. I look forward to this newsletter issue ALL YEAR!

It's time for the annual LE Johnson Treasure Hunt Game.
opens in a new windowAnnual Treasure Hunt

I know, I know! I promised you the nutty video this past Thursday.

You probably want to watch it first. You mean this one? opens in a new windowCLICK or TAP HERE or my nose and be prepared to laugh.

opens in a new windowcaptain tim carter

Tim, what is the Treasure Hunt Game?

My opens in a new windowTreasure Hunt game is a fun, simple game where you'll look at several stunning photos and then answer five easy questions!

Think Where's Waldo.

What's in it for ME? Why should I play?

Here's why you should play:

  1. the stunning LE Johnson photos will inspire you and you could win a $50 Amazon Gift Card
  2. you'll have fun in five minutes of Treasure Hunting fun!
  3. playing the game ensures this newsletter will continue to show up in your inbox

Tim, I don't want to play the game BUT I sure want to see all the new gorgeous photos of the LE Johnson interior doors. Where are those links?

I put all the links to the stunning room photos just below. You'll see the most gorgeous doors, some with glass, and interior decorating ideas that will take your breath away.

How do I play the game, Tim?

It's EASY!

  1. select one of the clue images
  2. look at all the photos and find the photo where the clue image is located
  3. answer five easy questions to have a chance at winning one of FIVE $50 Amazon gift cards

REMEMBER, you can go back and look at the photos as often as needed to help you answer the questions.

Will it Take Much Time to Play?

Five or ten minutes start to finish - Pirate's Pledge!

Will I get any SPAM or unwanted emails from LE Johnson?

NO! You'll not get any SPAM. I NEVER share any of your personal information with anyone. The only thing you'll get is lots of laughs and maybe, just maybe, a $50 Amazon gift card!

Tim, I want to play the Treasure Hunt game. It sounds like FUN! How do I get started?

I thought you'd never ask! opens in a new windowCLICK or TAP HERE to play the 2020 Treasure Hunt game!

Thanks so much for playing. This newsletter, each and every issue all year long, is made possible by LE Johnson. In my opinion, they make the absolute BEST moving-door hardware in the USA.

I've used this hardware for decades in my own home, my daughter's new home, and in countless jobs of mine. It's NEVER FAILED me.

Captain Tim Carter
SS Ask the Builder

Here are the links to the stunning interior door photos from LE Johnson:

opens in a new windowWalk-the-Plank Cove

opens in a new windowRum Runners Den

opens in a new windowSkull Rock Graves

opens in a new windowLucy's Forsaken Lagoon

opens in a new windowDeadman's Hill

opens in a new windowBuckaneer Bounty Paper Towels

opens in a new windowFeather Thee Jib Before the Wind

opens in a new windowWalk the Plank or Ponder

opens in a new windowSwab the Deck or Dust

opens in a new windowOld Salt Sailing Cologne or Indecent Perfume

opens in a new windowCaptain Kidd's Secret Treasure Map!

opens in a new windowPirate's Pillage and Plunder

opens in a new windowCrow's Nest Chowder and Crackers

opens in a new windowGrog Island Brew

opens in a new windowHornswaggle Harbor Loot

opens in a new windowSwab the Deck Danger

opens in a new windowDavy Jones Locker Key

opens in a new windowMutiny Madness Mayhem



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