Behr Paint Survey

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You may be one of two people that win FIVE GALLONS of Behr's best exterior paint:

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Tim, I'd like you to test the following paint products. (CLICK EACH ONE You want me to test)
interior flat wall and ceiling paint

interior glossy paint for woodwork

penetrating interior wood stain

exterior house paint

exterior deck stain - all types

exterior deck renewal product

Tim, if you are able to test the paint products, I want to know about: (Click each one you want)
ease of application

ease of cleanup

durability (realize this is hard and takes time)

how Green it is - not color, silly but Enviro-Friendly

Value for price paid

What did I forget to ask? What do you want to know about paint or stains that can HELP you? If nothing, just type that in.

Here's an interesting question. Do you think Home Depot owns Behr Paint?