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Coast LK375 Light Knife Review

Tim Carter demonstrates the bulky Coast LK375 Light Knife pocketknife. If you're a 6' 5" lumberjack with BIG hands, this could be your dream knife.



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3 Responses to Coast LK375 Light Knife Review

  1. Tim, I appreciate your honest, straightforward reviews. Well done.

    I do have a suggestion for you, you're a decent-looking guy but while watching your videos I am always bothered by the reflections in your eyeglass lenses. Please consider an anti-reflective coating. :

    Bradenton, FL

  2. Thanks Tim...I did not know Coast had such an item. I first discovered Coast flash lights in Sturgis. Got a decent deal so I tried their light. It has been a faithful light source for three years now and as bright as the day I got it. I have noticed their products are now made in China. Not really happy about that, but it seems to be the norm for many companies. Anyway, I will try to locate the light knife and give it a"feel" as you suggest. You did not mention the MSRP or the price you may have paid. Just curious.

    Thanks again


  3. Hey Tim old friend,
    You know I love you, but I think you missed the point with the new light knife from Coast. Two points actually – safety and functionality. In addition, you instantly categorize this tool as a "pocket knife" although I have seen nothing from Coast that does so. My question to you: is it less bulky than having a knife in one hand and a flashlight in the other? And is it much more safe than that, or having the flashlight in your mouth, or between your knees, or stuck in your arm pit? Yes, we’ve all been there. Didn’t you just have a piece on flashlights exploding in your mouth? Like ALL multi-tools, the combination of functions is going to require a little more real estate, esp. if you want to incorporate quality features and durable design, which this tool certainly has - top-grade steel, top-quality light, waterproof to IPX7, uses just one AAA battery, lifetime warranty. You can buy sleeker knives and more powerful flashlights; in fact Coast sells both. But the idea is that you have BOTH high-quality components in a one-handed tool, making you safer, more accurate in your work and more productive. No, you probably won’t carry this knife around in your pocket. It wasn’t really designed for that, although its remarkable light weight makes it easy to carry on a belt clip and, as you point out, and it is quite comfortable to hold as you also mention. I don’t suppose you carry your Crescent wrench or hammer in your pocket either (at least usually)? This is a very useful tool that will save you time and make you markedly safer. To be honest, I had my doubts that Coast, despite their many talents, could pull this off. But this is a real quality tool. I absolutely love mine, and I think nearly everyone will. BTW, related to the “hold it in your hand” comment – the knife comes in a box, so feel free to pick it up and do just that – before you buy. Full disclosure: I’m retired now, but I used to help Coast with their marketing. Best wishes, Tim. Dan Harrell, Pahrump, NV

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