Defective Shingles Survey

Does your home or business have defective asphalt shingles?

I'm talking about ones that failed way before their time.

My own 30-year-guarantee asphalt shingles FAILED in just twelve years.

Look at them:

These are the defective shingles on my own home. Photo by: Tim Carter - Founder -

These are the defective shingles on my own home. Photo by: Tim Carter - Founder -

I'm trying to assemble stories like yours about shingles failing all across North America.

Please fill out the simple survey below to help me. It would be a GREAT HELP if you sent me photos of your roof. Close up ones like you see above are the best. Thank you.

If you do complete the survey you will receive FOR FREE at NO CHARGE an electronic digital copy of my final report. I expect this to be done no later than June of 2016, probably much sooner.

By filling out the survey you agree that I can share your story, and any photo(s) you upload, in a report, webpage, book, video, or any other form of communication - even one's not yet invented without giving you any financial compensation. I have to put this in because of the litigious nature of our society. Good grief.

Thanks in advance for doing this.

Your story, in the long run, should help to put pressure on the shingle manufacturers to begin to make a better product.



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What city do you live in? I need this to understand your climate.

What state or province do you live in? Thanks.

How long was the warranty on your roof? 15 years
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Do you know how many years ago the asphalt shingle roof was installed? 1-5 years
6-10 years
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If you know the brand of shingle on your roof, select it or just choose Don't Know. Atlas
Building Products of Canada
Henry Company
Owens Corning
PABCO Roofing
Polyglass USA
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Tell me what's wrong with your roof. Give me as many facts as you can.

Use this to upload your first photo. I need to see how bad your roof is. This is NOT required, but would be appreciated.

Upload a second photo here. I really need close-up shots of the bad shingles

Upload a third photo if you want.