Septic Tanks and Oxygen Bleach

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  1. LAPAK
    May 6, 2014

    Great article that explains the processes in layman's english. So how can I tell if it's working, or just assume it is? Can the septic pumper guy tell? Can we pump less frequently (assuming there's no non-biodegradeable things added to the system - i.e. baby wipes, etc)?

  2. kentuckylady717
    May 6, 2014

    Very interesting.....I had no idea.....but will forward this email to my sister in ky, they were needing a new septic tank, but instead of buying a new one for ($4,000.) this guy that does handy work on them, told her all she needed was a he cleaned it out, and put on a new this going to work ? Wouldn't the tank in the ground be rotted too ? Some one had told her she needed to get a new one, but she went this route.....hope she won't be sorry....I believe she said it cost her $500.00.....

  3. SteveK
    January 27, 2016

    Chlorine bleach in normal use has shown not to be bad for septic systems

    Cornell and other University's have conducted studies showing that:

    "Disinfectants are considers safe for both septic systems and groundwater as long as they are used in concentrations listed on the product labels. For example, more than 2 gallons of hypochlorite bleach or 5 gallons of pine cleaner would be needed to kill most of the bacteria in a 1,000- gallon septic tank. It would then take 45-60 hours for the bacterial populations to recover from a lethal dose of hypochlorite bleach, and 30-65 hours to recover from a lethal dose of pine cleaner."

    All that perpetrating the myth that bleach is bad for septic systems does is lead to more people wearing dirty and stained clothes.

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