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Solid Surface Countertop Manufacturers

Solid Surface Countertop Manufacturers

  • Aristech Acrylics
    Acrystone Solid Surface.

  • Corian
    Corian is a solid, nonporous material which contains a unique blend of natural minerals and 100 percent high-performance acrylic.
  • Avonite
    Avonite is a nonporous homogeneous blend of polyester/acrylic alloys and fillers.
  • Formica Solid Surfacing
    Solid Surfacing is a fully densified composite material of modified resin and mineral filler.
  • Cerata - Hartson Kennedy
    Cerata is an isophthalic/neopentyglycol resin with acrylic modifiers, ATH fillers, pigments, matrix chips and catalysts.
  • Florenata
    Non-porous, seamless countertops.
  • Wilsonart Gibraltar
    Gibraltar is a homogeneous blend of polyester and acrylic resins, fire-retardant fillers and proprietary coloring agents.

  • Swanstone
    Swanstone is a homogeneous, nonporous reinforced, modified acrylic filled with natural minerals.

  • Centura
    Centura is a polymerized mixture of polyester resin and hydrated Alumina.
  • LG HI-MACS Volcanics
    Acrylic solid surfaces.
  • Lippert Corp.
    Solid surface countertops and sinks.
  • Meganite
    Non-porous, homogeneous solid surface countertops.
  • Samsung
    Staron 100% acrylic solid surface countertops.
  • Askilan
    Askilan is a fiber reinforced, temperature resistant composite material, like those developed and used for aircraft and space applications.

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