Super Washable Wall Paint

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  1. Jean Mason
    April 10, 2012

    Have I missed something here? in all the talk about a good washoing paint I heard there was one but not told what it was or where to buy it.

    Loved the advice

    Jean Mason

    • Tim Carter
      May 23, 2012


      You missed nothing. I can't get the paint manufacturers to support me. And if I give away the information for FREE, they'll never buy an ad.

      How would you solve this problem? I can't publish information for free. I have bills to pay.

  2. Jackie Jackson
    January 14, 2013

    What's the name of the paint? I don't see it any where?

    • Tim Carter
      January 15, 2013

      Jackie, I'm going to have that name for you in my shopping cart soon!

      • jami
        July 10, 2013

        was the washable paint ever named? I am a designer looking into a flat finish that can be cleaned.

      • Tim Carter
        January 14, 2014

        Sherwin Williams has this paint.

      • Joy
        February 9, 2015

        Ahhh I need the name of this paint! I have 9 children and have been on the impossible quest of finding a truly washable paint! HELP!!!

      • Tim Carter
        February 11, 2015

        Easy. Visit a REAL paint store, not a home center.

  3. kevin
    January 2, 2017

    Terrible article. You may have just answered "yes" o r"no". Or maybe "I won't tell you until somebody pays me for it". Your refusal to name products bc they wont pay you implies a sadly deficient mechanism for recommendation. Extremely unhelpful to the questioner (aka your site viewers). SW Duration Home, Emerald, Behr Premium Plus Ultra, PPG Manor Hall and BM Aura are a few. Most come in a flat or matte finish. No need for glossier..not that anyone will see this post.

    • Tim Carter
      January 3, 2017

      Dear Kevin,

      Thanks for your honest opinion. Here's what you don't know. The column above ran in 120 newspapers across the nation before I loaded it to my website.

      Many of the editors at the papers do NOT like to print lists of manufacturers for a host of reasons.

      They ask me to put into the columns the characteristics of the best products so their readers can go to a store and within minutes find what I was talking about.

      In this case, I gave you exactly what you needed to know, but you may have missed it. Did you see up above where I said, "He substituted tiny ceramic microspheres in place of the coarse extender pigments."

      Go to a major brand paint store, or their website and *find* paints that contain the tiny ceramic microspheres. Believe me, they tell you up front that they're in the paint.

      And my response to the one woman's comment is valid. If I put in the column exactly where to get the paint, why would a manufacturer purchase an ad from me about this wonderful paint?

      Would you subscribe to a Premium version of this website where every product is right there in front of you instead of me relying on ad revenue to make my business work? I'm sure you'll answer, "Hell no. I can get the information I need for FREE on the Internet. Why pay you?"

      You clearly don't understand the business model of free content on the Internet. I've beed doing it since 1995 and am the longest-lasting home improvement site on the Internet. The sites that did what you want, give *everything* away for free - well, they've all gone out of business.

      I also want to add that I hope your boss at work doesn't develop your zero-tolerance policy with respect to your work in case you *forget* something or do anything less than perfect.

      You seem to expect it of me, so you need to be perfect in every aspect of your life.

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