Wood Rot Repair Tips and Products

Here are some great tips that can help you with wood rot repairs. Below are special links to amazing products I love to use to save hundreds of dollars and lots of time. Be sure to look at them just below.

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I show how to use the products in my four-part video series!

Top Tips:

  • Inspect the wood and if 50% or more is salvageable then use the restoration products
  • Use the wood fortifier below to bond wood fibers together
  • Be sure the wood is DRY so the fortifier soaks in
  • Apply the fortifier and allow to dry for 24 hours
  • Drill holes in vertical wood at a downward angle so fortifier does not flow out of hole
  • Apply epoxy and push it into cracks and holes
  • Wait 24 hours for it to cure
  • Shape and sand it smooth
  • Stain or Paint to taste
  • Stand back with pride and soak up your success!

Here are the products I use on my own home:

opens in a new windowPC Products Wood Repair Kit - For SMALL jobs:

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pc kit















opens in a new windowPC Products Wood Hardener

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pc hardener















opens in a new windowPC Woody Two -Part Epoxy

CLICK image to buy it:

pc woody