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April 26, 2015 AsktheBuilder Sunday Newsletter

I PROMISE this will be short! A few days ago, I teased you with sale notices about two amazing products I use and LOVE. Here they are.

There's also some other great news below.

Stain Solver Deck Cleaning Sale

Are you cleaning your wood or composite deck?

My Stain Solver Certified Organic oxygen bleach is the safest and most powerful cleaner you can use.

Look at these Before and After photos:

Todd's Deck

David's Deck with FUEL OIL Stains!!!! VIDEO!!!

You can get 12.5 percent off any size from 4.5 pounds or up using this promo code:


After selling Stain Solver, it's a product that Kathy and I developed, for nearly 20 years, we know that 99.9% of all decks need at LEAST 4.5 pounds of product.

This sale lasts for just ONE WEEK.


Gutter Guard SALE

This is the time of year 99% of gutter guards #FAIL.

CLICK HERE to see the FINAL results from years of me testing different gutter guards.

Here's the sale from the manufacturer of the gutter guards on MY HOUSE - MasterShield.

If you want a dealer to install the gutter guards I use, you can get a $299 discount.

If there's no dealer in your area OR you want to just do it yourself or hire a handyman to install your guards, then you can get FREE SHIPPING.

If you want the gutter guards I use put on by a professional, then CLICK HERE.

If you want the DIY version of the best gutter guards, CLICK HERE.

Snow Be Gone Contest

The snow is going away!!!! I've uploaded recent photos for my annual contest!

I estimate the snow should be gone in a week or less.

CLICK HERE to see the recent photos.

Shelf Support SECRETS

Erika Barnett emailed me last night:

"I would like to know the best way to support open shelves between two closed cabinets? The opening is just 16", so they will just be display shelves.

Thanks, Erika"

I told Erika that she should get inspiration from looking at how shelves are supported in any number of really fine cabinets.

My suggestion was to visit a top-line kitchen cabinet showroom or the BEST furniture store in her city or town.

You'd be surprised at the clever methods you can use to install micro shelves like she's about to do.


On Tuesday I'm going to have a review for you, possibly a video, of a fantastic new saw blade.

It's one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas.

Wait until you see this. Simply amazing.

Three weeks from today, I'll be in Antigua getting ready for the trial where I'm an expert witness. If you're a ham radio operator, you'll want to try to work me. I plan to do lots of radio while I'm there.

I applied for, and was granted, an Antiguan Radio License! CLICK HERE to see my call sign I have to use while there. There's also a photo of where I'll be operating from. Wait till you see where I'll be staying.... #JealousDoYouNeedAnAssistant?

More tips and news on Tuesday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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