Frog Game

Let's have some fun!

Your mission is to look VERY CLOSELY at this photo and tell me how many frogs are in this model railroad layout.

Look everywhere.

Then answer the questions below. Have a BLAST and Thank You for playing!

THREE players will be selected at RANDOM from those who select the correct answer. Each winner will get a FREE bottle of my magic Stain Solver.

Good luck! Ribbit.....

rr frogs



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How many frogs are in this railroad layout? PAY ATTENTION before answering. 1 - I see it on the shore of the lake!
2 - Tim, try harder
3 - You can't fool me Tim Carter!
4 - I used my magnifying glass
5 - Is this all you brought?
45 - I think there's a flock of them
173 - There have to be 64 by those rocks
297 - You thought I wouldn't see the tree frogs. Tim, you need to stay up on the porch with the other old dogs.

Is it faster to New York or by train? (NOT REQUIRED - but you can score chocolate brownie points with your answer) Yes
Only on the Acela
Idiot Question - I reject you Tim Carter and your dastardly games