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Book Shelf Video

After buying or building bookshelves and loading all the books onto it, it becomes very top heavy. This could cause it to fall over, damaging other objects or injuring someone. By attaching the book shelf to the wall can prevent this.

A screw or nail can be driven through the book case into the wall, but that looks tacky. Use an L bracket that hides behind the bookcase. To install this bracket, draw a line on the wall even with the top of the shelving unit. Move the book case out of the way. Position the L bracket so that the bottom of the top leg is flush with the reference line you drew. Slide the book case back into position and the L bracket will just touch the top of the case. Use a small nail to center punch or mark the location for the screw. Drive the screws into the top of the unit and it will be securely attached to the wall.

One last tip, be sure the screw you use in the top is short or it will break through the top. Follows these steps to ensure you have a safe bookcase in your home.


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