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Cast Iron Pipe Questions


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  1. Tim

    Being an old timer about your age I an surprised at the cast iron piping. In the midwest, I have not seen this since 1960's when I used to watch the plumbers pack and pour the joints when i was with my dad doing carpenter work.
    No worries on the rubber couplings?

  2. Tim: I'm curious about the cast iron pipe in an earthquake "prone" area like southern California?
    (BTW...I remember the okra and lead when as a child I watched my grandfather use it in remodeling our house. You brought back fond memories of my grandfather! Thank you!)

    • The riser clamps for vertical pipes are down beneath the floor resting on blocking. Clevis hangers suspended with threaded rod are used for support when you can't do it with wood blocking. You'll see all of this in upcoming videos. At this point, we're just trying to get the pipe installed. Video can be shot after the fact.

  3. Tim,

    Adding a full bathroom to a 100 year old house. After reading your article, we will use cast iron drains for the toilet and shower. My question is, "Do we need to do anything special in the basement when we attach this new cast iron piping to the existing 100 year old cast iron pipe?"

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