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Change Mortar Color

Maryann Mosca had an unfortunate loss in her life and now she's trying to finish a stone job and needs to change the mortar color.

She lives in Branchburg, NJ.

Here's what she sent me:

"Let me start by saying my husband was a carpenter and put on a 2nd floor and front porch on our house. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last December, and  I am trying to finish what he started.

On the porch, he started the stonework, putting the wiring on. I since then, put up the scratch coat and the stone. I'm now grouting it.

You can see the different colored mortar. Photo Credit: Maryann

You can see the different colored mortar. Photo Credit: Maryann Mosca

I chose to dye the grout, and although I'm measuring the amount of dye, water and mortar, this last batch I mixed, it dried 3 shades darker. I don't know how to change the color.

The porch is about 50 ft long. I have about two more batches to make and  'm done. It's about 1/2 bag of mortar a batch. How do I change to grout color without chipping it out?

Please help! I don't have anyone to help me."

Here's my answer:

Maryann, I'm sorry for your loss.

The good news is that for years liquid stains have been available to darken floor tile grout. They really work well.

I went to Amazon and they have pages of them. CLICK HERE to see them.

Be CAREFUL and read the reviews. You want a stain that's just like wood stain. Some grout stains are PAINT.

Do NOT use a stain that's more like a paint and creates a film over the mortar. TEST any product you buy on a small test panel you build.

The stain needs to be VERY LIQUID and seep deeply into the mortar.

Your biggest issue will be applying in very carefully with a tiny brush so you don't get any on the stone.


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