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Christian Healthcare Ministries Review

It happened in October of 2013. My wife and I were one of the many thousands of New Hampshire residents who got the letter President Obama said would never come.

Remember, he promised time after time we all could keep our health-insurance plan and our doctors.

He lied, and giving him a morsel of credit, he's not the first President to lie. You can see him lie to you right to your face in the video just below and at the bottom of this post.

If you're a person who says our President forgot to tell us about the plans that would be cancelled, well, he forgot multiple times and his speech writers should be fired. You know the old saying right?

A half-truth is a whole lie. But I digress.


We had moved to New Hampshire in the fall of 2008 from Ohio. Our welcome present was a bump in our health-insurance costs. I'm self employed, so we've always paid this ourselves.

In Ohio, it was a little over $700 for our family. Once we got to NH, it jumped to over $1,100 a month because only two providers offered plans and one of them - Anthem - had nearly 90 percent of the customers. In other words, it was a monopoly situation courtesy of former governor Jeanne Shaheen.

After Obama was elected and his number one goal was nationalized heath care, Anthem bumped our monthly bill to over $1,400.

Once Obamacare was signed into law, the monthly premium climbed to over $1,700 a month.

When we received the wretched October cancellation letter, the *new* plan Anthem offered to us was only $2,122 a month with a $5,000 deductible.

Let me ask you something. What percentage of families in NH can afford to pay $2,122 a MONTH for health insurance?

I maintain not even 0.1 percent. Yes, not even a tenth of one percent.

Kathy looked around and discovered Christian Healthcare Ministries.

It's not really an insurance company because they're not obligated to pay a claim.

That's how real insurance works. If you have a plan and pay your premiums, they MUST pay the claim.

But our research indicated that Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) had NEVER NOT paid a valid claim.

But CHM works just like an insurance company. You pay premiums and then you file a claim if you need medical care.

We went for their Gold Plan, the best they offer, and it only cost $150 per person per month with a $500 deductible.

In October of 2014, I had a horrible kidney stone attack while in California. I was hospitalized and had to have a surgical procedure to remove it.

My total bill for the incident, including follow-up work in NH, was about $25,000.

CHM paid for it all. No questions asked.

I had to have a second procedure in February, 2015. They're paying for all of that too.

Kathy and I LOVE CHM and we urge all to become part of this wonderful program.

Please go to this page to sign up and use our Member Number as the referrer. 

They have a great Bring-a-Friend program that allows you to get a free month's premium if you get a friend to join.

Use this number when you apply:


I know you'll have a great experience with CHM like we're having.

It's great to have affordable healthcare and the peace of mind that we can still make our OWN decisions instead of having to be FORCED to have a plan that's overpriced and has a sky-high deductible.


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