Complaint Department

Complaint Department

Have you got a beef with me?

Do you need to VENT about something I've done or said?

This is the place.  Skip to the form below and get started!

NOTE: If you have a complaint about a product or thing you bought for your home, contractor, your husband, wife, mystery person, or insect, this is NOT the place to do it. CLICK HERE to fill out the proper form.

Don't hold back. Tell me how you really feel.

By gosh if you feel entitled I want to know about it.

Maybe it is all about you.

We'll only know after you share your feelings.

Fill out the form below. The more sarcastic, snarky and rude you are the better. You'll feel relieved after you release all that poison out of your brain and through your fingertips.

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What is your city? It helps me understand your environment.
What is your state or province? You might live in a highly taxed or regulated place that's causing you pain.
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You have to agree to my Terms & Conditions before you Submit your complaint. Please choose one below. This is REQUIRED. Yes, you piece of crap.
Yes, and you can put the complaint where the sun doesn't shine.
Yes, I hope that you're abducted by aliens and they probe every orifice in your body - TWICE.
Yes, do we get a coupon for Stain Solver?