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DeWALT Wet Saw Video

Tim examines a new DeWALT Wet Saw with diamond blade for cutting ceramic tile. These saws are good when you have to trim a small piece off a ceramic tile, because you can’t snap it off. This saw is also good for making an L-shaped cut in tile.

Ceramic wet saws feature a blade that is a lot different from a blade used for cutting wood. The ceramic wet saw blade does not have any teeth. It has small pieces of diamonds embedded on the cutting edge. These diamond pieces cut the ceramic tile, slate tiles or granite.

It is imperative that you keep the saw blade wet all the time when cutting tile. This wet saw features its own recirculating pump and reservoir. This water coolant keeps both the tile and the saw blade cool, increasing the life of the diamond blade.

This saw pivots up and down and tilts left and right to make cuts at 22-1/2 or 45 degrees. The saw itself is mounted on rail and it travels the length of the piece of tile being cut. The base features a rubber surface that when wet holds the tile in place while it is being cut. There is a built-in miter gage for assisting in cutting a tile at 45 degrees.

A diamond wet-saw will make those thin cuts or angled cuts easier. Check them out.


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