Cork Flooring is Marvelous

Cork Flooring Should Be on Your Radar - It's Magical What I’m about to share with you might amaze you. I’ve heard it said before that one doesn’t know what they don’t know. To me, that infers you may be unaware of something that previously had been hidden from you. It’s happened to me numerous […]

Opening a Remodeling Can of Worms

Opening a Remodeling Can of Worms - Start with Great Plans My start in the construction business happened in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1970s. The knowledge I obtained in those first few formative years doing remodeling work made me, in my opinion, a better builder. Early on I deconstructed houses that were 100 years […]

Electrical Hacks for Your Home

Electrical Hacks for Your Home Eight months ago a woman hired me to be her virtual general contractor. She was about to start to rebuild a home in remote northern Maine at the south end of Moosehead Lake. She’s the boots-on-the-ground person and we communicate via email, video calls, and texting. Last week we started […]