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Duluth Trading Flex Fire Hose Pants Review

Duluth Trading Flex Fire Hose Pants

Duluth Trading Pants: You can see the two pockets that hide under the open flap. To the left is the side pocket for your smartphone. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

"Duluth Fire Hose Pants fit me perfectly. They're not too tight and they're not baggy like clown pants."

Duluth Fire Hose Pants - I LOVE Them!

For a guy that primarily reviews tools and building products, you may feel it's a tall order to review a simple pair of Duluth Trading pants.

Guess what?

When you've worn as many pairs of pants as I have in my life, you're automatically qualified and up to the task.

Before we go much farther, understand I'm pretty different from my peers. Many of them review a product without really putting it to the test.

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I don't feel that's a good idea because I want to get over that starry-eyed feeling when you first hold something new, or in this case, wear it.


So ask me, how long have I been testing the Duluth Trading Flex Fire Hose pants?

It's been over two years.

How Do Duluth Trading Pants Fit?

Duluth Fire Hose Pants fit me perfectly. They're not too tight and they're not baggy like clown pants.

I've never in my life worn a pair of pants that fits the way these do. They're cut just right so you have plenty of room, but they're not like ship sails.

How Do Duluth Fire Hose Pants Feel?

The Flex Fire Hose pants are lighter in weight than the original Fire Hose pants. The pants feel much softer yet the fabric wears like iron.

But don't equate lighter with less durable. I'm STUNNED how durable the fabric is. I'd swear the pants have got threads of iron in them. Heck, maybe it's titanium.

The primary seams are triple stitched and it makes a difference. 

Duluth Trading Flex Fire Hose Pants

You can clearly see the triple stitching. Photo credit: Tim Carter

Are There Lots of Pockets?

Yes, there are lots of pockets. I've fallen in love with the primary pockets on each side.

The best feature of these pants, in my opinion, are the pockets.

It's got so many, I've never used them all. My favorite is the traditional front pockets. They're DEEP. 

So deep you can put just about anything in there you're trying to conceal.

My tape measure showed 11 inches from the bottom of the pocket to the top up near the belt loops. That's deep.

On each thigh, you've got surface pockets that have two compartments each. Hook and loop flaps keep anything in there safe and secure.

There's a great side pocket on the outside of each thigh for your smartphone. It's just big enough to handle my Nexus 4 phone that measures 2 and 7/8-inch wide by 5.5 inches high.

What are Colors for the Duluth Trading Pants?

At the time of this review, there were four colors:

  • Black
  • Coffee
  • Desert Khaki
  • Steel Blue

 I'd love it if they had a rich navy blue, but at this time it's not offered.

To prevent any fading NEVER use chlorine bleach when washing. I use Stain Solver, a Certified organic oxygen bleach that's fabric and color safe.

What is your Rating for Duluth Trading Fire Hose Pants?

Five hammers out of five! Way to go DT! hammer-5-5

Duluth Trading Fire Hose Flex Pants Review
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Duluth Trading Fire Hose Flex Pants Review
Duluth Fire Hose Pants are superb. They wear like iron and fit perfectly. Great videos here.
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