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Ed Dowd Interview

Ed Dowd the Number Cruncher Shares Facts

I shared this video with my 25,000 newsletter subscribers on March 1, 2023. The sole intention was to provide my subscribers with information they previously might not have known about.

As you'd expect, there was both positive and negative feedback. The email content of what I sent to my subscribers can be found below the positive feedback.

The negative feedback was very predictable. Based on the lack of logic and the data sent back to me that didn't directly relate to what Ed said during the interview, it became immediately apparent that most likely not one of the naysayers took the time to watch the video.

I replied to many asking them if they had invested the time to increase their data set before spewing their snide and sarcastic remarks. One was a dear Cincinnati friend. Not one of them got back, even with a lie that they had watched it.

That is exactly what I was talking about in my original email. Their egos blocked them from consuming additional information.

They were afraid the castle walls around their core beliefs might crumble when challenged. Such a sad mistake.

truth vs lies graphic

A very small number of subscribers sent back respectful negative replies. While they were concerned about my reputation, they were quite clear that I was spreading misinformation. What an interesting word that's cropped up over the past three years.

As for misinformation, who is the arbiter of that? It's simple truth vs. lies as you see above. A great example of this is what just happened in March of 2023 when 14,000+ hours of video surveillance footage was released to Tucker Carlson. If the January 6th Committee was SO SURE that what they were doing was TRUTHFUL, then they would have made all that footage public for you and me to see. But since they were telling LIES about what really happened on January 6, 2021, they didn't want their narrative CHALLENGED.

Kenny Chesney had a hit song years ago that tells you when we'll discover if Ed Dowd is right or wrong. It's a fantastic song and you'll find it at the bottom of this page.

The first group of detractors was my ultra-tolerant subscribers. They beat the tolerance drum all day telling everyone but themselves to be more tolerant. You know the type, right? They tolerate only those things they agree with.

The second group was the SHUT-UP-and-SIT-DOWN group. They didn't hold back and commanded me to stop exercising my God-given right of Free Speech. It was fine for me to share home improvement information but other than that, SHUT UP and SIT DOWN!

The third group was the gulpers. They ranted about all sorts of political diatribes that had nothing to do whatsoever with what Ed discussed in the video. Over their lives, I estimate each one of the gulpers has consumed about 14,000 gallons of Kool-Aid. Jack was in this group and it's possible he's glugged down 50,000 gallons, maybe more! How much is 14,000 gallons? It would probably fit in this tanker:

tanker trailer

I think my favorite negative response was from Lee. You would file Lee's email to me in the SIT-DOWN-and-SHUT-UP group. Sadly he had not read Mikki Willis's Plandemic book and thinks that what anyone says in an Amazon book review or in some webpage Google puts at the top of its biased search results (misinformation) are God's word and undeniable truth. Lee also injected his bias and lack of open-mindedness in his last sentence. I highlighted it in red. Here's what Lee sent to me:

"I'm a numbers guy, too, with a Physics degree. You should really stick to your consulting business instead of spewing your anti-vax propaganda. Readers expect more from you - maybe we shouldn't do so any longer. Please do more research than just watching a Tucker Carlson episode.  This is a factual and refreshing review of Dowd's book on Amazon."

I had to respond to Lee to share with him that his argument would not fare well in court or in front of a jury of his peers. I replied:

"I'll see your physics degree and raise you 20 years of expert-witness work with my last job having me crawl around on the Brazilian Ambassador's roof on the island of Antigua.

#1. Howard, the reviewer you link to on Amazon, could have made up the statement about the One America CEO. Is Amazon going to fact-check that?

#2. The only way to discover the TRUTH as to WHAT the One America CEO said is to have been on the stock analyst call.

#3. You can't rely on a RECORDING of the call because it's child's play to SPOOF one, change what the CEO said, delete parts of the call, etc. I know this because I used to do this 20+ years ago with one of the top audio engineers at the third-largest radio station in Cincinnati.

In closing, you should follow your own advice to me and read this book, After all, you told me, "Please do more research than just watching a Tucker Carlson episode." It's time for you to do more research.

Let me know when you finish the short book. Reach out and I'd be happy to get on a phone call with you to discuss the points chapter by chapter.

I'm willing to bet you $50 right now that you'll not read the book and you won't jump on a phone call.

P.S. Be sure to watch Mikki's Plandemic 2 video so you then know to start to dig into WHO is the Howard guy on Amazon. Are you sure Howard read Ed's book?"

Lee might end up reading this and my guess is he now wishes he would have gone to the One America website and looked on their Press page for recent press releases.

Why is this important? If you were the CEO of One America Insurance and something very important you said on a stock analyst call was misrepresented or taken out of context in a popular book about a topic that is directly connected to your underwriting business, you'd probably come out in public with a statement to that fact. I couldn't locate this press release.

You also might do some research to see if One America Insurance has RAISED their rates on these throw-away policies to young people. If so, WHY since the shamdemic is now over?

i see stupid people meme

Here are some of the most poignant positive responses:

"Tim, Thanks, as this was just the info I was looking for. I came this close (pinch your finger and thumb together) of getting the jab, but my wife begged me not to. Since then, I have been wondering if that was the right move. This video solved that issue. Unfortunately, one of my daughters, that is in the 25-44 age range has had complications as a result of getting the shop. PSW-Your emails are so informative and entertaining, Keep it up." Mark

"Keep up the good work. You speak the truth!" Donn

"I'm glad you are spreading this information, Tim. It needs to be heard. Some people who might not receive this information, thinking it is a "conspiracy theory", will receive it from someone who has, over decades, earned their respect. If they feel you are credible in areas of construction, they might more easily feel you are credible in this."  Donna

"Thank you for this email. I agree with you 100%. Bless you and your loved ones and all the world." Jean and Radha my cat

"Thanks, Tim I look forward to your newsletter each week. Common sense is in short supply in the media. Kicking myself for being pressured into getting the Covid shot. Keep up the good work." Susan   Susan donated $25 to my newsletter. If you want to donate, do it here.

"It's a dreadful burden knowing what we know and not being able to share with normies who 'can't handle the truth' and think we're 'conspiracy theorists.' Rest assured, we are winning, but there WILL be additional collateral damage in the meantime (more 'accidental' toxic train derailments, 'mysterious' food processing plant explosions, and, of course, 'died suddenly'). What you are doing here with your humble newsletter is nothing short of HEROIC. But heads-up: attracting the attention of the perps can be bad for your health. Steady as she goes." Charlie

"Mike XXX here in sunny Spring Hill FL.  Just finished watching the video of Ed Dowd, I'm at a loss for words!  I will say "thank you" though for bringing this to our attention. I assume few will take the time to view it, as it is a bit off track from your expertise, and that many will regard it as baloney.  Too bad for them!  I will selectively send this along to those in my group that I believe, with my endorsement, will carve out an hour of their time to have their eyes opened.  Thanks again. Simply amazed." Mike

"Thank you so much for this!!!!  To me, another sign (not a statistic) that the Wall of Deceit is crumbling...  PS and thanks for your work." Rick

"Just watched the video with Ed Dowd.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I would have never known. I so agree. I always look forward to your emails. Ronnie

"It is great that your eyes have been opened, I for one was never on board with the kill shot, I told my CEO, "enforce the shot and I am gone". He assured me he would not do that and he was true to his word. However a lot of people were not as fortunate as me and my fellow employees. I dug into the narrative from the start and did not like anything that was happening. Now it is all coming out and you are so correct, people don't like being wrong and have a hard time eating crow! My hope is the people who pushed this bs will be held accountable. Thank you for waking up and sending out this email. Kudos to you!!" Bill

"Many thanks for the video.....It is a must-view for everyone and I really like the idea of always telling yourself: What are they lying to me now?. Being cynical is a good thing." Henry

"VERY interesting video. Many facts I didn't realize about all this and am really glad I refused to get the "shot". One of the best videos I have ever listened to and watched is this one. I think our current administration and the one we had two administrations ago are to blame along with China and it's about population control and with the group that wants a one world government which Bill Gates is a member of and also Obama. Many others are included from other parts of the world in that also. How so many people can be so blind as to what's going on with the death rate going way up especially with young healthy people. Thank you for having the guts to post this." Gary

"Thank you so much for using your platform to inform people of the truth. It hurts my heart that the data doesn't lie, and much of what the so-called conspiracy theorists (I call them forecasters) have tried to shout since the beginning is coming to fruition. I, like so many others, have damaged and dead friends and family, many in various stages of denial. This is likely the most impactful betrayal they've ever experienced. All the best to you and your close ones! Thank you, thank you for sharing facts." Stacy

"Hello Tim, Thanks for this "side road" - BIG road email. I lost my low-wage job for not taking the poison, yet I have no regrets." Vladan

"Thank you, Tim, for speaking the truth and trying to awaken others. We've been lied to for years and finally, the truth is being revealed. God is shining his light into the darkness for all to see. God Bless You." Tim

"Hi Tim, Ed is spot on and if you look at other sources of data it all matches up. Robert Malone just addressed the Mexican Congress and he had a great summation of events."

"Yes, Tim the vaccine in reality is a bioweapon that they actually developed back in 2015. Funny thing is, a lot of people make the case that America's DOD was involved in the process. I don't trust our Rockefeller big pharma medical criminal establishment so I did not partake in any of their nonsense. I did not even wear a mask. What's really sad is that so many people did fall for it out of fear and will suffer the consequences for years, if they survive that long. Fear is a major motivator but I have the good Lord to protect me and He gave me discernment so I was able to detect their bullshit from day 1. I sure hope you and your family are safe."A fellow Cincinnatian, Jaycie

"Hi Tim, Thanks for pointing out the Tucker/Dowd interview. Dowd is so impressive.  I just hope the Republicans bring him to Washington to explain things. His book will be on my nightstand shortly." Jeff

"I have spoken to you on the telephone some years ago and have been enjoying your emails for almost as long as you have been on. I just took the time to listen to this video and to be honest, I decided that there would be no more shots for me before seeing the video. Thanks, Tim." Bob

"Tim,  I'm with you on this vaccine disaster.  You can't argue with the facts in Ed Dowd's book which I downloaded free to my kindle. Thank u for sticking your neck out in support of his research. I actually believe that not only did China develop the deadly virus but deliberately spread it. Big Pharma and individuals are still making money off the vaccine. The United Nations's Agenda 21 included the need to reduce the world population by a significant percentage due to their environmental agenda. It's a scary world we live in." Sandy

"Hi Tim, I sincerely thank you for all the things you are speaking about starting with electric vehicles and global warming fear-mongering. At risk of losing subscribers, you continue to enlighten the ones who have been having their heads buried in the sand. This latest newsletter speaking of the criminal conduct by so many governments and businesses in coercing people to get vaccinated with an experimental shot is a brave stance that I feel more people need to speak out about that have audiences like yours. Yes, many fell for the lies. Evil (Satan) is behind all this and the more we see happening in ways we could not fathom in our lifetimes. Thank you again for your courage, God is on our side." John

"Hi Tim: Funny you should mention this book. I recently snuck this book in a birthday gift with other things to my sister. My college-educated sister (lives far away in a very blue state) texts, "What is this book saying? I can't figure it out." I had to think for a long time before responding. I know it's hard to hear something that goes against what you believe." Karen

"Thank you for enlightening me about a fact I was unaware of. I have felt that this virus was overhyped for a while but to think we Americans have been misled by a political agenda to this degree is disgusting. Thanks again." Joe

# # #

Here is the content that I shared with my newsletter subscribers:

Dear Tim,

I've waited many months to have this conversation with you.

It's very important for you to realize that I've been a numbers guy my entire life. I'm entranced by them and know that accurate numbers don't lie.

That said, many people have a hard time agreeing with accurate numbers. I'm talking about numbers that make a past decision look dreadful. There are a host of reasons for this, not the least of which are: ego, ignorance, fear, apathy, etc.

Ego is perhaps the biggest one. Why, you may ask?

As you get older your heart tends to get harder and your ego gets very very fragile.

You simply can't handle the truth, thanks Jack!, for fear that you'll look weak, stupid, or fill-in-the-blank in front of your friends, co-workers, children, etc.

I get it. I see this ego-blocker - that's what I call it - all the time in my Ask the Builder business with homeowners. I'm currently dealing with one right now in Ontario, Canada. A woman simply can't deal with the fact that she was dupped. She is stinging from the fact that the trust she placed in someone, in this case a contractor, was not reciprocated with honor and truth.

Have you had that happen to you with a contractor, a lover, or a friend? Someone who betrayed your trust?

How many times in the past three years here have I told you that I felt that you've been played?

Five, ten, or more?

For the past two years I've been laying low. I didn't have the numbers to support my own personal theory.

I was waiting for the numbers to crystalize.

First, you need to know that my retired brother-in-law was a mortician. I know a bit about that industry. I know that they keep fastidious records.

I also have friends in the insurance industry. Talk about number crunchers!

I've been waiting for this industry to step forward and sure enough on investment calls they've started to report what's going on.

It's deeply troubling. You'll see some numbers in just a few seconds that should shake you to your core.

But will your ego get in the way? That's the question.

Here's another one:

Are you a person who can't rationalize facts because your position is based on emotion(ego)?

The tipping point for me happened about a month ago when I was watching a late-season Cincinnati Bengals football game. In the opening moments, Damar Hamlin died.

You do realize when your heart stops beating, you die, right? That's what cardiac arrest is.

I'm sure in the past you've heard the phrase about the Vice-President of the USA being one heartbeat away from being the President.

Well, after minutes of on-field CPR and being zapped with a defibrillator, medical technicians gave Damar a second chance. They stole him back from the Grim Reaper while he wasn't looking.

Ninety minutes ago I started watching an hour-long video that finally put forth the numbers I knew were out there. Numbers I knew some other numbers guy like me would excavate and expose.

That number-crunching guy is Ed Dowd. Here are a few words from his latest book - Cause Unknown:


Ed Dowd book slide 1
Ed Dowd slide 2
Slide 3 from Ed Dowd interview
words from Ed Dowd slide 4

As Ed says on the video, it's time to have a frank discussion about the world's largest murder scene. The facts and evidence are now available.

It's time to unroll the yellow Crime Scene tape.

crime scene tape

It's time for you to deal with your decision about getting jabbed.

It's time for some people to be brought to justice.

It's time for you to suck it up and be brave.

It's time for you to admit that a decision you made TRUSTING others caused you harm - just like the poor woman up in Ontario.

I want you to know I take NO COMFORT in knowing I was right all along. I feel rage typing this. I'm angry at all those involved in the conspiracy. It was, and is still, an ONGOING worldwide Game of Thrones.

GO WATCH THE VIDEO and let me know how you feel.

I'm so sorry if you're having health issues because of being played.

I happen to know of at least one dear dear friend of mine who's very sick right now because of the experimental biological agent and the conspiracy surrounding the past three years. That's exactly what it was and if you got jabbed you were part of the largest human phase-one trial in history.

Such a sad mistake as Queen Cersei said.

Tim Carter

P.S. Let me know if your ego gets in the way. I can handle the truth. The question is, can you? If you've got MORE TRUTH to share with me, reach out to me with it.

A glass of water helps red pills go down.

red and blue pill decision graphic


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