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Glass Block

In the past, working with glass block was the same as working with bricks. You had to use mortar for the glass block installation. Now, there are simple plastic spacers to perfectly align the glass blocks. Short spacers for side to side spacing and a longer space for spacing between rows. No messy wet mortar. You use silicon caulk. When it cures, it is very hard.

The glass block must sit on a solid base, either wood, metal or concrete. After placing the first block, be sure to check that it is level and plumb. Apply some silicon caulk and install the first vertical spacer to the side of the block. Continue this as you place the glass blocks across the row.

To keep the glass block from tilting over, use a special hidden anchor. This anchor inserts into the plastic horizontal spacer and screws into the side frame. This will hold the spacer in place for the next row.

Use these blocks to easily make a great glass block window, glass block shower enclosure, interior green house, or whatever project you can image. Installing glass block is much easier with this new spacer system.


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