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Hot Water Turns Warm Podcast:

Tim Carter got an email from Donna about an issue with the hot water at her kitchen sink. Read it:

"Hi, Tim,

Something is bothering me about my kitchen faucet. When I turn the water to HOT and it's full blast, the water is hot when I fill the dishpan. When I go to rinse the dishes and the water is still turned to hot, but the force is greatly reduced, the water is much cooler, even if it's running for a while. Is this a real thing or am I imagining I have a problem?

Your loyal follower,"

Donna, Worth IL

I'm sure you'll be pretty amazed at what I think is happening here. It could be something as simple as the length of time between when Donna is washing and rinsing the dishes. Listen to the short podcast above and let me know in the comments below.

ADDITIONAL DATA After the Call: Donna left a long comment below that provided the piece of data I wish she had put in her short original email above. The bottom line is the single-handle faucet cartridge in her kitchen sink faucet has a blockage. Once she replaces it, all will be well.


hot water turns warm

This is the hot water tap on a kitchen faucet. Low water pressure could be caused by a clogged cartridge. You'll find the cartridge just under this decorative faucet handle cover. Copyright 2020 Tim Carter

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3 Responses to Hot Water Turns Warm

  1. Hi Tim,
    You gave me some good ideas, but here's more info. I'm only doing the dishes for two people, so no need to fill the dishpan to the top. So, the water is coming in at full blast on HOT, I wash a plate, lower the pressure and rinse the plate. Pretty immediately - less than 10 seconds, the water is cooler, but I leave it running on low pressure. Wash the second plate, and then rinse under what has become really cool water. Faucet is still turned to hot. If I increase the pressure (without turning off or on the water), it gets hot again. Purely volume/pressure related.

    Our 40 gallon water heater is less than 12-15 feet away on the same level (we don't have a basement). It's a Rheem Guardian Fury, and was installed on 12/1/2011. We flush it regularly - last flush was mid-Nov. 2019. (I know this because my beloved writes all of the info on the tank with a Sharpie.) The longer I let the water trickle (set at hot), the colder it gets, until I kick up the volume/pressure, when it gets hot again.

    Interestingly, I tried the bathroom sink faucet which is on the opposite side of the wall from the kitchen sink, and that faucet ran hot regardless of the volume. The only difference between the two sinks is the kitchen sink only has one swing-type handle for the water temperature, and the bathroom sink has two - a hot handle and a cold handle. I'm hearing 'ding - ding - ding' in my head. Could something be broken in the kitchen faucet?????

    • BINGO. You just gave me the final piece of the puzzle. The problem is in the cartridge of the kitchen sink faucet. It's got a small blockage. If you install an new cartridge in it, it's going to work fine.

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