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How to Install Anchor in Concrete

Install Anchor in Concrete With Epoxy and Magic

When you install anchor (s) in concrete or concrete block, you want it to stay put.

The best method in my opinion is to create a wedge-shaped hole in the concrete using a hammer drill.

The hole will be wider deep in the concrete than the smaller entry hole you see on the face of the wall or ceiling.

The above video was one of Tim's favorite projects he did with Steve Loyola.  Steve helped with the Server Transfer for AsktheBuilder.com.

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Anchor Dovetail Trick

I borrowed this secret tip from dentists and woodworkers. The fillings in your teeth don't come out because the hole the dentist drills is wider at the bottom.

Dovetail joints in woodwork don't fail for the same reason.

Permanent Epoxy for Anchoring Into Concrete

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This is the magic epoxy that fits into a regular caulk gun. I've used it with great success. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW TO HAVE IT DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME.

It's important to realize the hammer drill needs to be angled about 20 degrees from perpendicular in both directions. This creates the required wedge-shaped hole.

Use Blower to Blast Dust

Use a turkey baster to remove all drilling dust. A wet-dry vacuum works well too.

Reverse the vacuum hose so it's blowing instead of sucking.  Slide just a small part of the blower hose over the edge of the hole. LOOK AWAY from the hole as clouds of abrasive concrete dust will begin to blow out of the hole.

Twist Anchor While Installing

After squirting in the wonderful PC Concrete epoxy you see above, twist the anchor back and forth as you slowly insert it into the hole.

The twisting motion coats the entire anchor and ensures the entire hole has no air in it. You want the hole to be completely filled with the anchor and epoxy.

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