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Insulated Shed is Cold

Bob Monninger had a shed built at his Antioch, Illinois home. Let him finish the tale.

"I had a shed built this summer by a company called Tuff Shed. It's a very good one, 10 X 14, all wood.

It sits on a concrete slab. I have installed insulation on all four walls, the ceiling, and the door.

The problem is that it's still very cold inside, just about the same as outside.

Do you think it's the floor? If so how in the world would I insulate it?"

Here's my answer:

Bob, insulation is a material that's designed to slow heat transfer. Basic thermodynamics tell us that heat wants to move towards cold.

Since there's no heat source inside the shed, at some point the heat that's in there eventually seeps through the insulation and walls and the temperature continues to drop until it equalizes with the outside temperature.

One thing you'll notice in the spring is when you get a warm day and go in your shed, it will feel like a refrigerator in there because the heat from outside is now trying to work its way into the shed.

If you want the shed warm for use in the winter, you need to install a safe heater inside it.


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