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Klein Wireless Speaker Review

klein wireless speaker

Klein wireless speaker | Don't let the size fool you. This smallish speaker puts out a BIG sound that's clear. CLICK or TAP HERE or the photo now to have one in your hands in a day or two.

Klein Wireless Speaker | AEPJS-1

I tested the Klein wireless speaker a week ago and I fell in love with it. Too many other job site speakers are too big or they just don't have the features that make them spectacular.

CLICK or TAP HERE for the full specifications and order form.

Does it Have a Rechargeable Battery?

Yes, the battery is internal and you charge it with a normal micro USB cord.

klein wireless speaker

This little door is on the side of the speaker. You charge the internal battery here and you can see the round 1/8-inch jack for auxiilary wired input from some other device that might not be Bluetooth. CLICK or TAP HERE or the photo to have this speaker playing at your home or job site.

Is it Easy to Bluetooth Pair the Klein Wireless Speaker?

You bet. As soon as you turn it on, it puts out the Bluetooth call. You'll see it on your device.

klein wireless speaker

These are the controls. The Bluetooth comes on with the on/off switch. You can take phone calls or reject them. The volume controls and back and forth are intuitive. CLICK or TAP HERE or the photo to own one now and be the cool gal or guy in your tribe.

Does the Speaker Have a Rear Magnet?

You bet it does! You can attach the speaker to an electric panel, steel garage door, steel door, or any other piece of steel so it's not on the ground.

klein wireless speaker

The magnet is right there in the center. Sound also comes out through the holes in the back. It's like surround sound! CLICK or TAP HERE to get one before they're SOLD OUT! HURRY!



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