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Lawn Mowers Video

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Does your old riding lawn mower not turn sharp enough? When cutting a tight circle, does the lawn mower left a big circle of uncut grass? Well, the new zero turn lawn mowers or the four wheel turn riding lawn mowers are for you.

The four wheel steer mower allows you to turn in a very small radius. When you turn right, the front wheels turn right, but the rear wheels turn left. This may feel weird driving the lawn mower, but it allows you to get around obstacles, such as trees, with very little clearance.

The zero turn riding lawn mower turns without leaving any grass uncut. This mower has two steering levers that control each rear wheel. One wheel can go forward, while the other goes in reverse. This allows the lawn mower to turn in a zero radius circle - spin it around in place.

Before buying one of these new riding lawn mowers, think through your needs. The zero turn mower can not pull a cart nor plow snow. They are single purpose machines - they cut grass.


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