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Ask The Builder · 63: Prevent Algae in Fountain


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Prevent Algae in Fountain Podcast:

Tim Carter received the following email from Annette not too long ago:

"Using the same premise as using copper on the roof....can I place a copper pipe in a fountain to control algae growth? Is it safe for pets?"

You can prevent algae in a fountain, but not by putting a copper pipe in the water.

How Do I Get the Copper in The Fountain?

The copper needs to be in the water in solution, or the copper needs to be exposed to the sun.

You can use copper sulfate crystals. They dissolve easily in the water and turn it a very delightful blue color. Many love to see blue water, this is why authors call it the deep blue sea.

You can also put copper sheets on the fountain exposed to the sun. That copper works a different way.

Tim explains why in the above podcast.

copper sulphate

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