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Reverse Drill Bit Video

On those occasions when you need to remove a screw, but the screw head slots are damaged or ruined, a reverse drill bit or screw extraction bit can help you out. Mount one of these damaged screw removers in your drill chuck. Be sure the drill is in reverse, and apply pressure against the damaged screw and slowly back the screw out.

Using these screw extractors with a reversible drill will get your project back on track. Get a set today.


19 Responses to Reverse Drill Bit Video

  1. These are a very useful tool especially in a machine shop. Working with my father for 25 yrs in and around a machine shop left handed bits and reverse spiral tool s where used quite often. Great article

  2. Tim,
    Not much of a challenge here. I have had those bits in my tool box for years and have had many occasions to use them.

  3. Tim,

    I sort of knew this, but not exactly. I've used an extractor bit for years. But it is a manual one that I "back out" using an adjustable wrench. I never put one in my drill, I'll have to try it or pick up a set like you show in your video.

    Happy 20th anniversary!!! I think I've been a follower of yours from the start.

  4. Tim, I knew about the removal bits I bought a 3 piece set from Sears years ago. Being an old plumber did you use any nipple extractors or like us steam fitters a cheese cutter blade and a chaping chisel?

  5. When You have reached my age there are very few tools that I have not seen or used for that matter.
    Yes, I do know what a reverse drill bit is and Yes, I have used one on more occasions than I like to think about. Usually, because I have stripped a head or damaged a screw after it was put in.
    Good luck with your quest. Those of us Baby Boomer age will know of these tools. We were raised for the most part working with our hands and with hand tools. I have even used the old fashioned reverse drill bits, we had to turn by hand, before we had cordless tools and such.

  6. I have a set of Craftsman screw extractors that my daughter gave me, not knowing what they were. I had seen them used in a machine shop before, and they come in handy.

  7. Tim - what you showed in your video about backing out a screw was nice but try to do that with a 3" screw in pressure treated decking. No way. I have two different sets, one set has a drill type on one side to start the hole and then flip it over to use the extraction side. The second set is the one you used. Frustrating.

  8. Tim,
    These are a fantastic invention. I have a set of these I've used many many times. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and have used them for extracting many broken screws and bolts. It is extremely important to use the correct size bit for the screw you are extracting.

  9. I have a set of three sizes. The problem that I usually have is when the screw head breaks off, then you can't use this tool. It only works when the head is stipped, but still attached.

  10. I bought a set of these when they first came out. They have saved me a lot of times. Thank you Tim for all the projects you have helped me with through your videos. Keep up the great work. jim

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