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Septic Systems Video

Do you have a septic tank, how do you keep it working at the optimum condition? One way is to be sure you keep things like lacquer thinner, latex paint, chlorine bleach and antibacterial soaps out of the septic system. Why? Because all of these items kill the beneficial bacteria that works to dissolve food particles and bodily waste in the septic tank.

Garage disposers and septic systems can work together. The disposal will grind up the food into smaller pieces, increasing the surface area of the food. This allows the septic system to break down the food quicker. There is a garage disposer designed specifically for use with septic systems. It features an enzyme tank that injects the beneficial bacteria into the food as it is being ground.

Remember if you have a septic tank system, keep those bad chemicals out of the system. Get your system pumped out on a regular basis.

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