Spring Project Survey 2015

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What 3 REPAIR projects this Spring do you need help with? You know, where I share secrets and products that will help you Do the job Right and Not Over. Please click ONLY THREE. Crumbling Concrete
Replace Shingle
Improve Yard Drainage
Fix Roof Leak
Clean Deck
Tighten Loose Door Lockset
Patch Drywall from Leak
Replace Sink Faucet
Toilet Flush Problems
install dimmer switch
fix damaged hardwood floor finish
fix crumbling grout
clean grout
replace a cracked tile
repair sagging cabinet door

Tim, none of what I want done was on your list. I'm going to type here SHORT phrases of the projects I need to tackle. Yes, I PROMISE to use just THREE words in each phrase and separate them with a COMMA. I'm not an IDIOT. Yes, I realize this is NOT a REQUIRED question. Tim, do you think I was born at night falling off a turnip truck? Have you even ever seen a turnip truck?