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ThermaTru ClassicCraft Exterior Door Video

Hello, I'm Tim Carter and I have the pleasure this year to install a ThermaTru ClassicCraft fiberglass door at my own home. I chose a fiberglass door because of the way they are made. I love the fact that is not going to rot. It's not going to twist or split. And it won't do any of the bad things that wood doors would do.

Here's the best part, because of their AccuGrain technology, my fiberglass door looks like it is solid mahogany. It is a glorious door. My wife loves the decorative leaded glass.

It is available in many different styles. You are sure to find a style that you meets your requirements. You can get them prefinished from the factory, so you just have to do the install and the door looks fantastic at the end of the day.

Lets go inside to see some of the other neat features of this door and how it looks inside the home. I am inside the entrance hall and the door looks magnificent. The white trim with the yellow walls looks great.

One of the things you need to realize about these doors is you can order them with ball bearing hinges. Frequently, door come standard with ClassicCraft doors. You can get them in different finishes. That is important because you want the door hardware to match your interior.

The ClassicCraft doors come with square edges, so they actually look like wood. I'm telling you, probably only a professional can tell it is a fiberglass door.

I love the way the door shuts. It is solid just like a wood door. The weatherstripping seals the door well. I know I am going to save money on my utility bills. And it looks good. My neighbors like it. I think you are going to like getting a fiberglass door in your home, because you are not going to have any problems down the road.

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  1. Tim,

    Your door looks great, here is my experience with fiberglass doors.

    I installed a fiberglass door when they first came out, it was splitting apart and cracking in the first year. My wife had the sales slip and lost it (probably thrown in the garbage) so we could not claim any warranty on it.
    Last month I installed a Steel/Oak door. It looks fabulous, but there are some build issues that are not easily seen. The steel exterior matches the exterior of the house, and has all vinyl trim. The Oak interior is beautiful and goes great with the interior wood in my foyer.

    Donald Cramer

    • Therma-Tru made that door. If someone wants to break down a door, they can do it to all normal doors. If you don't want a door broken down, then you need to contact a bank vault company.

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