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Tim Carter Covid Survival Story

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Author's Note: It’s not about the virus, illness, nor death. Never was. It’s about the experimental injection. Always has been. Is that the Pied Piper you hear?

Your critical-thinking skills may be dull. Let's get out the sharpening stone. Answer these few questions:

What's the definition of the word vaccine? From Merriam-Webster's 11th edition Collegiate Dictionary: "a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease." In other words, the millions of people who got jabbed did NOT get a vaccine. They got an experimental biological agent (EBA). The ingredients in the EBA do not meet the above definition.

What's the purpose of a vaccine?  Why of course, it's to PREVENT you from contracting a certain illness.

Why didn't the doctors and nurses who cared for the Yellow Fever patients building the Panama Canal over 100 years ago die of Yellow Fever? Simple, they contracted Yellow Fever, SURVIVED, and then were able to go about their work saving others. They now had the best form of natural immunity from the illness or a variant/mutation. This is true of anyone who survives COVID. CLICK or TAP HERE for proof.

Why aren't COVID survivors who have far better immunity from COVID, or its variants, than that of the experimental injection given official cards allowing them to do all the things vaccinated people can do? The reason is simple. It CONFIRMS the initial Author's Note above. The COVID response has never been about health. It's all about CONTROL.

If you have an adverse reaction or die from the vaccine, can you recover money from the vaccine manufacturer? No. Years ago the Federal Government granted full immunity to Big Pharma against vaccine claims. They are shifting to making as many vaccines as possible now because they can still be sued for adverse normal drug reactions.

Who is profiting from COVID? Big Pharma is making BILLIONS of dollars because the Federal Government is footing the bill for the experimental injection you might have received. Members of Congress can LEGALLY use inside information to invest in Big Pharma to make TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars on their stock purchases. If you or I did this, we'd go to prison as did Martha Stewart. Yes, I know Martha's time in the orange coveralls was due to her conviction of lying to the FBI. That said, they were interviewing her about her inside stock trading.

How many REALLY died from COVID? The truth is finally coming out. Did you know hospitals were paid BIG MONEY if they claimed patients had COVID, put them on certain meds, put them on a ventilator, etc.? It's TRUE! Go here and if you feel otherwise, debunk what you read.

Back when the Covid-19 news broke in late February of 2020, it took me about two weeks to see through the sham. I wrote letters to the editor of the Laconia Daily Sun. Look them up. I predicted that within months a magic vaccine would be announced. I then predicted that all sorts of future variants would emerge. I predicted that the vaccine would not be enough - that'd you'd require more and more and more jabs. It was so easy to see, to one who's a student of powerful psychology, that Covid was not about your health. It was all about CONTROLLING you. Those pulling the levers are using the most powerful psychological trigger of all on you. Scarcity. They're persuading you that you're going to die - that your life is suddenly SCARCE.

You're being played. Your overlords are constantly moving the goalposts. Don't you see it? Are you starting to wake up? 

If you feel the information on this page will help others, you have my permission to spread it far and wide to all you know. You can link to this page if you produce your own blog or newsletter. Feel free to share it with a newsletter author you know that covers this topic.

The following is the saga of my survival from Covid-19 aka the China Virus. Whether you like it or not, the truth is it originated in China. Many viruses are named for the location of origin, so this is nothing new nor should the Chinese be ashamed unless they created it on purpose in the Wuhan Virology Lab. CLICK or TAP HERE for proof about the origin of the China Virus. This video was made in early 2020. It just so happens in October of 2021, the NIH finally admitted it did fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. Dr. Fraudci, (Fauci) oversees the NIH so you know.

I'm grateful to be able to type and share with you that I'm in the third group - where 99.5% of us that contracted the illness SURVIVED.

I owe my life now to my loving wife Kathy. She alone got me through the illness. Her love and tender care are impossible to measure. Thank you forever, Kathy!

John Hopkins recently published that across all age groups in the USA, the survival rate is 98.4%. Using just a small amount of common sense, you'll immediately realize this number is low. How many people contracted Covid-19 and were asymptomatic, and or, were so mildly affected by it that they didn't get tested? The answer is simple: Hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people.

That's a fact that I feel many are overlooking. Covid is not like Yellow Fever. If you contracted that disease years ago before they knew how to deal with it, you had a 1 in 2 chance of surviving. In other words, the mortality rate of Yellow Fever was 50%. That would absolutely get anyone's attention. But a 0.5% mortality rate? It's almost laughable to wring your hands in fear of dying with such a low possibility.

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When Do You Believe You Were Infected?

I'm pretty much convinced it was Sunday, August 8th at church. My wife Kathy contracted it at the same time because we both exhibited our symptoms within hours of one another. She only leaves the house twice a week, both to go to church. On the other day she attends church, there are but a handful of people at the church and she sits far from them. We know one of the other ushers we had close contact with on August 8th was admitted to the hospital with Covid on or about August 10th and he had been previously jabbed with the EBA. It's also possible the infection came from other EBA-jabbed individuals who could have been shedding spike proteins. Here's another study that may be of interest to you about how EBA-jabbed people are infecting others.

Of course, it's impossible to know exactly who infected us and the actual mechanism.

How Healthy Were You Before You Contracted Covid?

I'd say I'm in good to very good health. I've been about twenty pounds overweight since my late 20s and I've had slightly elevated blood pressure for years. But I have no underlying chronic illnesses. I've never smoked and I rarely consume any alcohol. I don't take any medications. I could easily walk five miles a day before getting Covid.

What Did You Feel Like When You Knew Something was Wrong?

I've been susceptible to the seasonal flu my entire life. Kathy is just the opposite. She's only had mild cases twice and both were when her immunity was down because of being pregnant.

Me, on the other hand, I used to get the flu if someone just looked at me. In my 20s and 30s, I know I got the flu each year. Sometimes it was so bad I couldn't move for days. I have an intimate relationship with the flu and know how it feels early on, as it's raging, and as it goes away.

I know very well the odd feeling you start to feel as the flu digs in its heels in your chest. I started to feel those early signs on or about August 11th. It started with a tiny tickle in the back of my throat that produced a shallow cough. Then each day after that the typical flu symptoms flourished. They were:

  • intense brain fog with the inability to think or make decisions
  • worsening cough with generous amounts of phlegm
  • definite reduction in hearing
  • inability to keep eyes open
  • debilitating fatigue
  • complete loss of appetite - I lost sense of taste and smell about five days into the illness
  • any and all other typical flu-symptoms

How Sick was Kathy?

Kathy was barely sick at all. She just felt tired and a little funky for about 36 hours. After that she just got tired faster each day. I attribute this to her natural immunity to respiratory diseases her entire life as I mentioned earlier.

Did You Go to the Doctor and What Did She/He Say?

I finally went in to see my personal doctor about a week into the illness. I felt horrible that morning when I called for an appointment. The doctor was out so I saw one of his physician assistants.

A different assistant performed the nose swab and within minutes had a positive result. The actual physician's assistant asked some routine questions and then said, "Go home. Take Ibuprofen if you want. Go to the ER if things get worse. Quarantine for 10 days." I was then given the bum's rush out of the offices. I've yet to receive a simple follow-up phone call from my doctor's office to see how I'm doing or even on the same side of the grass. I find that disappointing when you see how dentist offices have no problem calling patients the day before to remind them of an appointment.

What Medication Did Kathy Give You?

The following is from Kathy's fingertips done especially for you and to help save any of your loved ones.

Understand that Kathy is NOT a doctor nor am I. We are NOT offering you medical advice. The following is simply the medication Kathy gave me each day. You can take the list or leave it. It makes no difference to us.

Kathy wrote the following:

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU 2x/day. I used Solgar (cholecalciferol) the form produced by our bodies

Liposomal C (liposomal helps your body absorb entire Vit C)  1450mg 2x/day

Zinc citrate 30mg  2x/day

Black elderberry (an immune booster) 1000mg 2x/day

Cold-pressed black seed oil (another immune booster) 1,500mg 2x/day

For possible blood clots from Covid, I used NattoMax 100mg 1x/day.*** If on blood thinner do not take without consulting your doctor!

Nattokinase is a fermented Japanese food (I knew Tim wouldn't eat it so got the supplement instead). Besides it being a blood-clot dissolver, research has found that it may inhibit the ability of Covid to infect cells. CLICK or TAP HERE to discover more about this.

Melatonin 5 mg taken before bed. Melatonin has been shown to inhibit the Covid-induced cytokine storm which is a severe immune reaction to the disease. CLICK or TAP HERE to discover more. Tim was given this for the first couple of days, but I felt more was needed. I prayed that God would show me what he needed and by the grace of God the next day this popped up:

Zinc / Zinc inophor

Dr. Zelenko uses zinc/zinc ionophore in treating his patients. Zinc ionophores include:

  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Ivermectin
  • Quercetin
  • EGCG

Tim's doctor didn't prescribe Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin so I got both Quercetin and EGCG. Quercetin is a plant derivative that is over the counter and does the same as hydroxy. Vitamin C is necessary for Quercetin to work. I gave 800mg of Quercetin 2x/day. I found out later that Dr. Zelenko recommends 500mg 3x/day.

EGCG is in green tea. I gave Tim 165g of Matcha powder in capsule form 2x/day. Matcha is a powder form of green tea leaves and rich in EGCG.

This article by a physician explains how a zinc ionophore works. This physician also includes resveratrol in the list of zinc ionophores.

Basically, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etc. don't cure covid. They make it possible for ions to enter a cell. The zinc ion is what does the job. It interferes with the replication of the virus. In other words, zinc doesn't allow Covid to reproduce. You can see that without zinc, hydroxychloroquine, etc. won't do much for you.

# # # End of Kathy's writing

Did You Ever Go to the ER and get help at the Hospital?

No. It got very close the day after visiting the doctor, but I didn't go because of a number of personal reasons.

When Did You Finally Start to Feel as if You Had Beaten Covid?

On August 30th, I finally started to see a significant change in my ability to concentrate. I had less trouble keeping my eyes open. I was more alert.

I was well enough on August 31st and just out of quarantine to get a haircut and stop by the grocery store. But that experience wiped me out by the time I got home.

As the week wore on, I got much much better each day. I'm writing this on September 3rd and feel fantastic. Just ten days ago, it would have been impossible to even look at a computer screen much less type all you see above.

On September 4th, I spent 30 minutes cutting some grass. It would have been impossible for me to do that just ten days ago.

Were you and Kathy Vaccinated?

No. We have no interest in being part of a long-term trial using human beings instead of lab animals. Are you aware that prior to Covid, it took between 10 and 15 years to develop a safe vaccine for other diseases?

Did alarm bells go off in your head when magically three different giant competing drug companies were able to deliver a vaccine to the masses within ten months for a previously unknown virus? What's even more astonishing is they were able to roll out vaccines within weeks of one another. What do you think the odds of that are? Seriously, think about that.

Remember, the world didn't even know about Covid-19 until February of 2020. Didn't it cause you alarm that a SAFE vaccine could be delivered that fast? Yes, some will say that they had been working on the vaccine for years before. But what about long-term TRIALS?

Do you think the drug companies had some sort of inside secret information for years before that allowed them to discretely work on a vaccine? How else would they be able to cut years and years off the development?

Are you aware vaccinated people, you could be one, are now contracting Covid? Is the vaccine you took defective? Is it not really working?

And then there are booster shots. What other vaccines do you know about that require periodic booster shots?

Finally, are you aware that the drug companies have no financial liability to you if you die or have an adverse reaction to the vaccine you allowed to be injected into your body? The Federal Government granted the drugs companies full immunity from lawsuits that might pop up from consumers like you. Doesn't that deeply trouble you?

The drug companies, because of this blanket immunity from financial loss, are now shifting their focus on making hundreds of new vaccines instead of traditional drugs. You can still sue them if you are harmed by a drug they make. This vaccine push is all about SWEET MOOLA.

This troubling factoid that the drug companies have no liability bothered Kathy and me. If you gulped the Kool-Aid distributed by your news sources and allowed yourself to be injected with the experimental biological agents(EBA) - you realize they're not true vaccines, right? - we wish you the best and hope you have no long-term ill effects. Why were you in such a rush to be injected with an EBA when the survival rate of the illness is SO HIGH? What were you thinking?

Right now, we have the highest-quality immunity you can get. Our own bodies have generated a defense against Covid that's far superior to the EBAs you might be hoping work for you. Mother Nature has been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years.

Were You Afraid of Dying and What About All Who Have Been Sent Back to Heaven Because of Covid?

Whew, you saved the biggest and most complex question for last!

Call me crazy, but I don't dwell on death. I have friends who have a debilitating fear of death. You may have an enormous fear of death. This fear you may harbor is tied directly to the most powerful psychological trigger of all - Scarcity. This is why it's so easy to control what you do. Your fear is consuming you and ruining your life.

If you want to read a life-changing book about psychological triggers and how easy it is to control all you do using them, I suggest you read Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion ASAP. Re-read that title again! Leaders and others in positions of power are constantly manipulating you using this psychology. They persuade you to do things you'd otherwise not do.

I guarantee you that if you read this book it will change your outlook on Covid and how you process the information you put into your brain from ANY source. You will be stunned how easy it is for others to play you like a fiddle. I know as it happened to me for years! But not anymore. Once I discovered HOW they were controlling me, I was able to instantly turn off the triggers.

You can get anyone to do or say just about anything when you invoke the Scarcity psychological trigger. It's why we waterboard prisoners. We make air SCARCE (death to follow shortly) and all of a sudden the bad guy starts singing like a canary.

If you're afraid of dying, then you'll do whatever others want you to do even if what you're doing is not backed by any science whatsoever. That's the extreme power of psychology. Its power is far beyond anything you can comprehend.

In the case of Covid, people in power and positions of authority (news anchors and paid pundits) have taken this invisible virus and whipped you up thinking you're going to die (scarcity).

This, in my opinion, is why you don't hear much in the news about all us survivors! The numbers at the top of this column show you quite clearly that the chances of you dying if you contract Covid are extremely small. Period.

As for all who've died from Covid, I feel sorry for those they've left behind. I know all about sending people back to Heaven. It's never easy. Sooner or later each one of them that died from Covid was going to die as death is guaranteed the second after each of us is born.

Here's a fact you should really dwell on in my opinion:

All of us are given by God a finite amount of sand to put in our hourglasses. We don't all get the same amount of sand. When your hourglass runs out of sand, you can't flip it over and start again. That's a great line from Kenny Chesney's Don't Blink song. I urge you to listen to it.

The last 90 seconds of the Titanic movie years ago made a powerful impression on me. If you saw the movie, you might remember just before Jack dies freezing to death in the frigid North Atlantic water he tells Rose to do all the things they talked about on board the Titanic before it plunged to the bottom of the ocean. The camera pans across her nightstand showing photographs of all the things that Rose ended up doing. She lived her life to the fullest.

That's how I personally approach life. I try to fill each day with gusto as the old beer commercial would say. I try to do different things and not mope around thinking about dying. Maybe I'm strange. If you think I'm strange, it doesn't matter to me.

The movie Little Big Man also made an impression on me about death when I was in my 20s. In the movie, Chief Dan George tells the young Dustin Hoffman, "If you're a true human being, any day is a good day to die." I didn't quite understand that line at the time, but I soon got my head around it. Your goal should be to become a true human being.

So there you have it. My hourglass is not yet empty nor is yours. You have a chance to change your outlook on many things should you have the interest. Start by reading the Influence book. I'm here to tell you it completely changed my life when I read it.

If you disagree with anything above or what I wrote upset you, I'm not particularly interested in engaging you in a discussion. I've found that most people are so ground into their thinking about topics it's impossible to have a fruitful discussion. Even more so, how can you have a respectable discussion when two, or more, different data sets are being used? If I have one set of data completely different from your data, how can we possibly discuss something? It's like speaking two different languages.

Your data set is the information you absorb into your brain from whatever sources you use to discover anything about any topic. For example, you may get your weather forecast from a place that uses one type of modeling prediction software and I may get my forecast from a place that uses software that generates entirely different modeling projections. No wonder the snowfall forecast, rainfall amounts, cloud cover, etc. don't match up when we compare our WX forecasts! This same issue happens with EVERY TOPIC.

Now, speaking of increasing the amount of data in your data set, do you have the courage to watch a video? I guarantee you'll be disturbed after watching it. If you don't have an open mind, please don't watch this stunning video. Be brave. Watch this video.

I've adopted this let's-not-talk-and-stay-friends posture because Covid has polarized just about all in the USA. Everyone has an opinion about all aspects of Covid. Opinions in a respectable discussion are like bringing a rubber knife to a gunfight. Facts trump opinions all the time. You want to bring facts to a discussion if you want to carry the day.

Bottom Line: Stop wasting your time, stop being played, and get out and enjoy life! For goodness sake, sand is running through your hourglass even as you read this!



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