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Tim Carter’s Suspicious Activity in Las Vegas

If you want to know why I might have been arrested in Las Vegas, it wasn't because of unruly behavior at a casino or night club!

Click the photo and read the entire story to understand what I was doing, WHERE I WAS and WHY this might have gotten the attention of the police!



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  1. Hi Tim,
    See you have info on painting ceramic. We have metal pole sheds here in Minnesota that need painting badly. Plan on doing it this summer. They are 40 years old and need attention badly. But I don't know what kind of paint to use so it sticks and stays on a long time.
    Would appreciate your info on this.

  2. I still have a horrible foundation. How can this 59 year old broad get under the house ( no visible outside crawl space) and do it herself with minimal injury and cost? What can I use? How will I know that the floors are actually level and that the walls and corners stop cracking up and down or side ways. I use my cell phone to send this and no access to a computer

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