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3D Plans – Loft Bed

The four drawings below should give you an idea of just how simple it is to build this bed.



This sketch shows the necessary parts and the frame under construction.


This image shows the plywood being placed on the frame.


In this sketch, you can see the completed boxed frame being bolted to two of the 4x4 posts. Note that you must use two bolts and they need to be a minimum of 4 inches long. 4.5 inch long bolts would be preferable. You need two bolts at each post so that the bed posts do not fold under
the frame.


Here is the completed loft bed with the ship's ladder. Trim the ladder for length if necessary. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can see how you can install drapes or short curtains on a rod between three of the posts. This will allow the person in the loft to have some privacy. I had the same thing on my loft bed while I was on the USS George Washington!

3D Illustrations by Marty Hovey

Author's Notes:

Received these pictures and the following emails. The first one is from Dona Lopez, TX. The second is from Tom Koenig, PA.


A surprise Christmas present built from these instructions by a mom for her daughter. Doubles as a computer desk. PHOTO CREDIT: Dona Lopez

A surprise Christmas present built from these instructions by a mom for her daughter. Doubles as a computer desk. PHOTO CREDIT: Dona Lopez

"Well it's not really a question, I used your instructions for the loft bed for a "While you were out" style Christmas surprise for my daughter, and I wanted to share the results with you.

I customized it a bit with a desk and a different type of ladder system due to extremely limited floor space, her room is about 10 x 10.

I'm a mom with basic woodworking skills, did it all in three days with only my 20 month old son to help (he's a whiz with the cordless drill lol)!

Thanks so much for the instructions, my daughter was completely floored! By the way the green was her idea!

Thanks again,"

Dona Lopez





"Just thought I would share a photo of the loft I just built. Your help was great. I used lots of molding to dress up the 2x lumber. Everything from Lowes, nothing fancy.

I also used rope lighting with remote control to light up the platform around the bed. I recessed the mattress as you suggested but used 1"x 4' angle iron." - Tom K.

Tom also posted this comment regarding his loft bed.

"When I made a loft for my 12 year old daughter this past Christmas I dressed up the 2x lumber with molding.  I topped the 2x6 bed frame with a bullnose and cove molding and then put a small dental molding beneath that. I also used a small stop molding on the lower part of the 2x6 to give weight to the lower part of the beam.  For the legs I used the same base molding on the bottom of the 4x4s as I have in the entire house. Then I put a small crown at the top of each post.  It doesn't make it furniture grade, but it really steps it up from painted lumber."

Column B280


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