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You will be hot under the collar if your new or replacement AC system does not work well! Time for some air conditioning troubleshooting 101...This Contractor Hiring Guide & Checklistasks tough questions that will make loser contractors sweat, while you stay cool as a cucumber.

My Air Conditioning Installation / Replacement Checklist costs just $7.00.

My Contractor Hiring Guide & Checklist can and will save you heartache and lots of money.

Air Conditioning



  • Extremely helpful list of questions to ask contractors
  • Instant Download as an attached Word & Excel Format file

My Air Conditioning Installation / Replacement

Contractor Hiring Guide & Checklist

costs just $7.00.

Contractor's Document  It is delivered to you the instant your credit is approved in the common Word & Excel file formats. This Checklist consists of three files - two Word documents and one Excel spreadsheet. One of the Word documents provides you with instructions and tips for using and getting the most from the Checklists. The second Word document is set up so you can just forward it to the Contractors bidding on your project. Each contractor fills out their copy and returns the file to you. (Sample screen shot on the left of the contractor's copy.) The file consists of a series of questions pertaining to the project and a place for a line by line bid breakdown.


Enter the figures from each contractor into the spreadsheet as you receive them back. The spreadsheet allows side-by-side bid comparisons. Automatic cell coloring highlights the low bid as well as the high bidder. The bids are totaled and you can clearly see who has the best bid.

Don't have Word or Excel, these files can be opened with Google Documents. Click the Google Docs graphic below to learn more about using Google documents.


Spreadsheet Screen Shot

Google Documents


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