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Apple & Mac Computer Users – Please Read

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If you have an Apple or Mac computer, READ this NOW. If you don't, you can just delete this message.

I'm really lucky to be part of a very exclusive and secret group of Internet entrepreneurs. In the group are some very savvy computer users and Apple and Mac experts.

I just got an alert from one member, and he said I could share it.

There's a nasty Trojan virus injection that has infected many Mac computers.

Fortunately, it's EASY to see if your machine is infected.

I created step-by-step instructions showing you what to do at my personal blog.

I hope all is well with your machine.

I'll be reaching out to you with a newsletter next Tuesday. I just got a really cool IRWIN level today that I'll be reviewing for you. There's other news too about glass countertops. 


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